Un Año

Labor Day weekend – one year ago – I officially moved to New York City. I wanted to celebrate my first, big apple anniversary with something special, but I was in Sin City that weekend (watching Brandon Jones‘ famed chin flap breezing in the stale, strip club air)! So, the festivities were saved until this past weekend. And what would be a better gift to myself than a trip to the NBA Store on 5th avenue!?

And now that I live just outside NYC in New Jersey I thought it was only fitting to buy myself a new jersey – and one that was worn by the best player in the history of the (now) New Jersey Nets. Julius “Dr. J” Erving originally played for the now-defunct Virginia Squires but was then traded to the New York Nets. Not only does this mirror the last 12-months of my life, but I’m also every bit as good as he was at basketball. Some of this paragraph may or may not be true.

PS. Yesterday was another type of anniversary in New York, but all I saw was the spotlight from ground zero as I got off the bus at my street in Jersey. This dignified, not up in your face rememberance was a nice surprise, thankfully!

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