Taming of the Jones

With the passing of this weekend, I hope to (finally) be out of the craziest two months of my life. Crazy busy, that is. I’ve been working over 50-hours a week, I went on a week-long cruise, I gambled in Las Vegas, and I just completed the culmination of it all: the taming of the Jones!

After a busy, 5-hour long drive back to Virginia, Cassie and I got about 4 hours of sleep. Then, it was off to Frederick, Maryland to witness the nuptials ‘twixt Kate Hochradel and Brandon Jones (of Transeffect fame). Immediately upon entry into the Ceresville Mansion, I ran into “Preppy” Kevin and Nate “Noodle” – two (semi-)bloggers who I haven’t seen in quite a while. At 11am Nate announced he wanted to start drinking – and he would not dissappoint later!

The ceremony was quite nice – it was a beautiful day and the mansion (though small for what I think of mansions [re: Wayne Manor]) was really cool outside including a veranda and pond. It wasn’t over-religious and it was extremely snappy. I served as an usher with Kevin and Katie’s brother, Dan, and I did a decent job since this is the second time I’ve played that position. They didn’t have a bridal party, just the best man and maid of honor so, as usher, I get to jump into some of the wedding pictures! And, luckily, I hadn’t had a chance to dry clean my outfit so I’m sure I looked great 🙁 .

Cassie and I were privilaged to sit at the main table (the one to be gawked at by everyone else) during the reception and it was really cool. I had an up close and personal view of Brandon’s cheeks as they reddened to the color of his tie when a story about him buying kissie-bear teddy bears for Katie was told. Then, I was able to spy them remaining that color for the rest of the day as he consumed alcohol! It was a double treat.

And, speaking of alcohol, Nate drank “15” adult beverages and then proved his stuff on the dance floor – solo! Yes, during an infamous playing of “Car Wash” by the live band (my first wedding attendance with a live band … such a better choice than dj) Nate seized the empty dance floor and strutted his stuff. Don’t worry, reader, it was captured on film! I initially felt empathy for this poor, drunk man making a fool of himself on camera … until I realized I had adopted that very role on my family cruise. So, I filmed away happily!

And after the party there was the hotel lobby! Several of us went back to the Hampton Inn where the Jones were staying to eat pizza, drink, and play games. But Cassie and I hadn’t brought any change of clothes with us so we had to make an emergency stop at Wal-Mart. I haven’t been that drunk inside a Wal-Mart since a late night escapade with roommates Bubbles and Jim in junior year of JMU and it showed: she and I both purchased Spider-Man t-shirts. I thought my shirt – sporting a giant “FTANGG!” sound effect – was going to steal the after-party show until Nate claimed the crown by yelling out “vagina” in a mixed, never-met-Nate-before, company. Twas grand!

Well, I’d like to close by re-sending out my best wishes and congratulations to the new Mrs. Brandon Jones and to the old Mr. Brandon Jones, as well. It was one of the better, if not best, weddings I’ve attended and I was honored to be a part of it. Plus, just seeing the man who I shared my home and heart with back in Virginia standing in a tux and being taken from my dreams was worth it.


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