The Next Generation

I don’t wish to bore people with another “look at the cool thing I bought” post but I felt this was important enough to comment on. I’m not sure what I did, but I managed to kill my iPod Nano last week. I had lost the charging cable that originaly came with my device, so I tried using a third party cord – and somehow this fucked everything up. The screen kept blinking the apple logo on and off continually no matter what I did.

Oh well, I decided to upgrade instead of trying to fix the thing. Logging into I ordered the newest generation of the iPod Classic as it seemed to be the perfect version for me. Although it only arrived two days ago I can’t get over how better this new iPod is over my old one! The main reason it’s so much better is its incorporation of album art everywhere – randomly selected albums on the intro screens, cover view selection screen, updated song play screen, and thumbnail images of the album covers when selecting albums after selecting the artist. I can’t believe how big a difference this is affecting my overall enjoyment of my music – I was actually depressed with how I thought album art was going to suffer as a result of the iPods. Anyway, it’s all good now with this generation!

Another huge improvement over my nano is the size. At 80 GB, my entire music collection doesn’t even fill half of the thing. Managing what was going on my nano every other day was annoying and putting stuff onto it to use in practice sessions was downright painful. I have a list of about 200 albums I still want to get through and it’s reassuring to know I won’t have to go through this complicated process any longer.

Finally, Apple wised up and changed the material used in the device. No longer will I have to be disgusted by the look of my iPod – crusted over with the oils in my fingerprints or whatever I had to eat that day.

So, as Schumin would say, there you go. My old iPod (won at an office christmas party) served me well for almost 2 years but the new iPod is bringing back that music listening excitement that I haven’t felt since I first started purchasing CDs. Huzzah!

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