Supporting the Arts

Last Thursday my mom visited New York City for the first time since an 8th grade school trip. Although I’m sure it was a bit overwhelming we had a lot of fun hanging out. I took her to see The Phantom of the Opera on Broadway and we turned out to be extremely lucky as it was just two days before a stagehand strike shut down most of the shows.

Anyway, it was just my second Broadway show, but I really enjoyed it. Something about the whole super villianous murder thing did it for me, but the music was incredible, too (obviously). Usually I come away kinda bored at the music from these type of shows but Phantom was great: dark, mysterious, and over the top. Good stuff … I can’t believe it, but I’m actually encouraging people to see a musical here!

Then, Friday I went to see another stage performance. My roommate, Dorian, was in a Japanese opera and, although I’ve awoken many a day to his beautiful tenor voice, I’ve never actually experienced a stage performance from the gentleman. And, let me say, what a performance, indeed! He was the lead male part and did the majority of the singing – a role that had him fighting the orchestra for the most part (it was a very dissonant score). Kudos to my opera singing roommate – it takes an incredible amount of balls and talent to get up on stage with a fake beard, act comically, and still sing techinically difficult melodies. If anyone is interested in seeing Dorian “perform,” I hear his next gig will be pulling a mangina during drunk Monopoly this Friday!

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