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On November 8th I received this email from GeoCities regarding an old website of mine.

We noticed that you haven’t updated your web site in a while. If you wish to keep your web site, we encourage you to update it within the next 30 days so that it will not be deleted due to inactivity. If your web site is deleted, visitors will no longer be able to access your web site and all files will be permanently deleted.

The image above is the old landing page to the site mentioned in the email (it used to exist at www.geocities.com/gunsnros3s). This site, known as Stan THE MAN’s Homepage, was created back in September 1999 when I moved to James Madison University for my freshman year of college. However, the story actually goes back further than this as this GeoCities site was really just an updated version of my very first foray onto the internet!

I had initially dabbled in websites sometime during 1996 (“homepages” back then). Actually, I recall being a leg up on the rest of my freshman Technology class when we were required to code a page in HTML back in the fall of 1996, so it must have been just before that when I first created Stan THE MAN’s Homepage. It was just a few pages consisting of terrible clip art using the embossed photoshop effect but it was my very own real estate on the internet. As I recall, it also had a Sam and Max theme to it – a comic I was into at the time. I barely ever updated any of the content, but did give it an updated layout during my senior year (fall 1998). Still, more important things (wine, women, song) took preference in my life and the site started to gather dust.

When I got to JMU, I suddenly had round-the-clock, broadband internet, a shitload of free time, and the independence to do whatever the fuck I wanted. As a result I found myself getting back into the website nonesense, creating anew Stan THE MAN’s Homepage and dumping it into a new, hip, GeoCities domain (no longer would it be located at members.aol.com/warlock94).

This site served me well and I frequently updated the content and design until February 2001. By then, GeoCities had lost a lot of its shine and Tripod was the new cool virtual place to be located at. I was already in the process of revamping the layout for my site (pretty much a yearly occurrence) and decided I might as well make the jump to Tripod, too. The final change to my GeoCities site was to add an automatic redirect pointing any users who typed in www.geocities.com/gunsnros3s to my new site at jamesbond__3.tripod.com (perhaps the worst URL idea ever).

Now almost seven years have passed, and I haven’t touched this GeoCities site. During that time, I decided to throw my hat into the personal domain ring and purchase www.stanus.net (putting jamesbond__3.tripod.com to pasture). That makes GeoCities two moves ago so I don’t have any reservations about letting it officially die.

But mourn not, dear reader! My OCD need to catalog all of my work would never allow me to let Stan THE MAN’s Homepage depart forever without first collecting it all somewhere. And that somewhere is located in the [stanus.net] Archives. In fact, I’ve gathered all of the previous incarnations of [stanus.net] that I could hunt down into this area. Enjoy this strange, erotic trip of maturation that stanus.butt took. It’s definitely a good read!

    Site Updates

  • Added a Sony Playstation banner
  • Updated the Last.fm widget to show most recently played tracks (instead of top weekly)

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