Basketball City

I went to the first Knicks game from the mini-game plan I purchased … aaaaaaand it was awesome. I went in thinking it was just going to be sort of fun since I’m not a fan of either team (the Knicks were playing the Jazz) but it ended up being a close, competitive game that wasn’t decided until the final 10 seconds.

Even better was the crowd. Now, this wasn’t my first Knicks game at the Garden (I saw them play the Mavs last season) but this was the first game I saw where the Knicks actually won. And wow, the stadium loves this team! They are the most passionate fans I’ve ever met – booing and cheering wildly when their favorite villians and heroes gained possession of the ball or made plays. Drunk men dancing in the aisles, clown-colored wigs atop fat college students on the jumbo screen, mild-mannered looking couples screaming at the court after fouls: it was a spectacle. Definitely the best basketball setting I’ve been a part of (including seeing the Mavs in Dallas, the Wiz in Washington, and the extremely little I remember of the Spurs in San Antonio).

I’ve heard a lot of talk about New York being a basketball town … and that talk is correct. Now, if we can just get a decent team up here (and that begins with kicking owner, James Dolan, to the curb)! Fun fact: Dolan “inherited” the team from his daddy! Not so surprising: his pampered, rich boy attitude has transformed a championship contender into the highest-paid laughingstock of the NBA!

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