pronounced: stan-us (not stain-us)

First off: a much needed WARNING! Do not go see Aliens vs. Predator! Even though I had a free ticket to view this “film,” it was so bad I almost walked out. AvP was so terrible, it inspired me to start work on my review section, along with a Top 10 Movie list and a Bottom 10 Movie list (of which AvP will be #1 with a bullet).

Secondly, I went header mad, and created a total of 20 images that randomly top They can be accessed individually on the left menu (but please, go easy on the bandwidth). With the Olympic basketball quarter-finals nearing, I feel the need to once again end this blog with a pro-American sign off (NOTE: I must strongly emphasize the fact that I will only shout this for Olympic basketball and for no other reason), so … Go USA!

YEARS LATER: The title of this post was inspired by having to correct a couple of new readers, but I can’t remember who these people were. It’s STAN-us, not stain-us! It’s got my goddamn name in it and it’s usually blocked by most online communities as being too dirty!

A friend of mine somehow found a way to get free tickets to see Aliens Vs. Predator and offered a couple to Richard and I. Neither of us were working and it wasn’t going to cost us anything, so even though I had no desire to see the movie, I ended up going to watch it in a theater. Well, it was so bad I honestly considered walking out. Really … a love story between Predator and a human? That’s all I can remember of this turd now, but it still sticks with me 6 years later.

I created a Top 10 page in October of 2008 but it appears that I had a similar idea four years earlier as I mention it here. However, even with all the free time I had on my hands I never even started compiling the lists. Ah, post-college laziness! Instead, it seems that I put all of my effort into creating banners for my brand, spanking new [] design. (1/18/2010)