Taking MySpace Somewhat Seriously …

Well, it took me long enough!

In the last installment of my Making The Band series, I mentioned how I had already sent some YouTube videos to my first Craigslist ad posting responders. The next step was to let them hear some of my actual songs. I was hesitant to just send out mp3s or to place them on my website for people to download. My first concern was bandwidth, though I hardly think that would really be any problem at all.

The second (and truer) concern I had was control of my music. Essentially, I’m not at the point where I’m totally comfortable with random people having their own copies of my songs. I’m cool with people listening to streams. But I currently only have a handful of “finished” songs and they’re either really old recordings (with horrible productions) or terrible recordings. Also, there’s a small little voice deep inside my brain that doesn’t want people stealing any of my ideas. Now, I love listening to old demos and recordings from huge bands (most notably Weezer), but it’s after years of listening to their polished, completed material as a sort of balance.

Anyway, it seems like MySpace will serve that purpose ok for the time being. They allow anyone to create music pages and upload songs (limit of 6) for streaming and/or download. This way, I can point potential bandmates to this site to get a glimpse at what I write while maintaining my musical integrity (paragraph above). The songs would also not be living on my server, so I wouldn’t be wasting my own, purchased bandwidth. It’s a win-win for the moment … until six songs isn’t enough.

So, I will be re-posting my Craigslist ad with my YouTube and MySpace links (and make some of my bandmate requirements a little clearer), but in case any of you out there would like to hear my two newest songs here’s the link: Stan Syckes at MySpace.


  • Cut It Off – I spent 6-7 hours a couple of weekends ago recording this update of an old song I wrote for my Songwriting 101 class back in 2003 (which was based on a MIDI I wrote back in 1999). It’s cool though the tempo runs away at a few points, and I didn’t get to record the melody for the chorus. A work in progess, but I thought it was a good enough indication as to where I’m heading right now.
  • Livestock – Part of my mission to re-record and finish all of my old back catalog. This is based on the (absolute god awful) first “song” I ever wrote – way back in March of 1995. Yes, it actually incorporates the amateurish melody and chords I originally composed!
  • Brent – a song I collaborated on with Richard back in 2005. I wrote the music while he did the melody. I’ve presented just the music here.
  • Love In Doses – take three of a cool, Slash-type riff I came up with over a blues progression.
  • Hesitation – everyone’s heard this, I’m sure. My Songwriting 101 teacher liked it back in 2003, so I thought random listeners would, too.
  • Zepmoon
    Thursday, December 20th, 2007 at 10:50 | #1

    I like Livestock. Boy I never thought I’d type that sentence.

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