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When last we left, our hero had uploaded some of his songs to MySpace and reposted his Craigslist ad for musicians. For this second ad, I made sure to be clearer with what I was looking for so, consequently, I received far fewer responses. However both were way better than any of the replies I received in the first round. (UPDATE: I just located a MySpace message from a band, so the official count of responders from the second round is 3!)

One of the replies was from a 26-year old singer named Eric. He cited his influences as Guns N’ Roses, Queen, Led Zeppelin, Aerosmith, and U2 and even sent his reply from an email address comprising a variation on “gunsnroses.” He sent me a couple of his songs that he was working on but they suspiciously didn’t have any vocals on them. So, with some reservations, I decided to meet up with him two Fridays ago.

We shared a few beers and talked musical experiences and expectations and pretty much realized we were on the same page, goal-wise. He said all the right things, but I still hadn’t heard him sing or jammed with him so even though our personalities were clicking I knew it didn’t mean much if we couldn’t gel musically. So, we picked a date to jam and a few covers to play and set out on our separate ways (mine got a little surreal as Richard was in town to hang out).

Well, this past Sunday found me on a D train going up into the crevices of The Bronx to meet at Eric’s place. When I arrived at his abode my surprise was equally distributed amongst three things: how much nice equipment he has; how he could fit it all into his tiny, cramped apartment; and how I was introduced to his mom who was visiting. It felt like date! When she left, we got down to business, ripping through “Tie Your Mother Down,” “It’s So Easy,” “Communication Breakdown,” and “Patience” – a few of our selected covers. Things went so well, though, that we also just started jamming on other songs: “Hey Jude,” “Mr. Brownstone,” “Live and Let Die,” and “Since I Don’t Have You.” What was interesting is that all of these songs have been in heavy rotation during my practice sessions for the past decade – yet he selected them all!

After our covers jam, we decided to push our luck and try writing a song together. I pulled out the latest gem I was working on (just an intro I called “You Always Get Your Way”) and we added a pre-chorus and chorus to it. About 2 hours into writing I was exhausted so we laid down our work to mp3 and I headed out.

But not before committing to a second jam session scheduled for mañana! This time Eric will be hopping a New Jersey Transit bus to my stomping grounds in North Bergen where things might be … awkward for a minute or two. Turns out he actually auditioned to be the singer in my roommates’ band several months ago (both parties had nothing but good things to say about each other – they just were too different musically).

Prepare for further updates to this exciting turn of events! Who knows? Perhaps my goal of moving to New York (putting together a band) will actually be met 16 months after relocating!

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