PICTURE: the gold medal Team USA won’t win (INSET: Me)

The world community was shocked this week when a judging error allowed American Paul Hamm to win the Olympic gold medal over South Korea’s Yang Tae-young in gymnastics. Equally disturbed, I shouted “who the fuck cares?!?!?! TEAM USA just lost to Argentina in basketball!”

Really though, as I watched Duncan get fouled out, James relegated to the sideline, and Iverson completely frustrated, the loss only felt like watching the Mavericks lose. Sure, the team I was rooting for didn’t come out on top, but it was an entertaining match and the winning team played better. I’m almost relieved that USA won’t win gold this year for several reasons. First, it shows the world we’re not perfect and that international players can be just as good, if not better, than NBA players – cou(NOWITZKI)gh! This will hopefully lead to more global acquisitions in the NBA – a move that can only strengthen the league. Secondly, it makes America hungry again. We got too fat and bloated on our Dream Teams of the past. Now we’ll have to compete just like everyone else with hard work and hopes instead of boring routine and assumptions.Thirdly, the pressure of artificial hype is relieved.

Finally, it’s just good to see USA lose. Recently, it seems this country needs to be reminded that it isn’t invincible nor better than anyone else because of history – a tough, but ultimately humanizing lesson to learn. I only hope that the media doesn’t become too concerned with the fact that USA lost, as the international teams deserve their spotlight. These teams were as exciting and professional as (and a lot of times, more so than) their NBA counterparts and I will be looking into European league television as soon as I can afford quality television ( 🙁 ).

That said, I’d also like to air my opinion that the “Dream Team” really wasn’t the dreamiest it could be. Sure, there were good players on it, but think of all the insanely talented basketball stars that weren’t present. I enjoy watching the Olympics, but sometimes just the novelty of countries versus countries waters down the appreciation for pure talent regardless of national origin. In the end, Olympic basketball is only a nice diversion until the real NBA season starts in November. L8r.

Ugh … yet another basketball rant. Listen up, everyone! Stan is puking his opinions on a sport none of you care about in a non-entertaining way! At least that’s what I feel now re-reading this.

That said I still agree with a lot of what I said here. I was relieved to see the USA look vulnerable and only grab the bronze, and there was no way this was a “Dream Team” of modern b-ball players. Ok, I also concur with my heavy-handed diatribe against the country, itself. Yuck, keep it fun, Stan.

One thing that doesn’t make any sense to me now is comparing the loss of this game to a Mavericks loss. I’m assuming I mean a playoffs game – which would be 100% incorrect. I’ve turned off tvs in disgust and been in miserable moods after Mavs post-season losses. I was pretty much over the team USA blunder after writing this post.

This post ends in an horizontal-rule line. This was added when I built my own bloggin/commenting system in 2006. I wanted to test out the commenting system on a really old blog post – I felt test comments appearing on the latest blog would seem amateurish. Here, no one would see it. But just in case they did, at least the comments would appear to be separate than the post.

[STANUS.NET] FIRST: First (test) comment using my self-created blog/commenting system

[STANUS.NET] FIRST: First emoticon used in a blog (2/24/2010)


  • Tuesday, January 10th, 2006 at 15:19 | #1

    my first comment! simmer down, though, it’s just a test

  • Tuesday, January 10th, 2006 at 15:19 | #2

    a second comment? you must be insane

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