Jeff C[removed] Wins the Super Bowl

Wow … I just watched the greatest Super Bowl I’ve ever seen in my life (which really isn’t saying much since I’ve not been a football fan at all for most of my life).

Cassie’s favorite team is the Indianapolis Colts and likes them almost as much as I like the Dallas Mavericks … scary, eh? So, because I don’t like any other team really, I throw in my support to the Colts by default (though this lack of passion and knowledge of the sport doesn’t stop me from winning in fantasy football). The Colts have a hated rival – the New England Patriots – who was having one of the best seasons in the history of the NFL this year. So, when the Patriots made it to the Super Bowl, and the Colts didn’t, my allegiance (what little existed) was shifted towards their opponent. The fact that the other Super Bowl team was a New York team just made it that much sweeter.

The Patriots stormed into the championship game with a perfect record while the Giants had to stumble and claw their way in as the second-to-last seed. Somehow, they kept the best offense in history from scoring more than 14 points while Patriots quarterback and model-fucker, Tom Brady, just looked confused the whole game. And yet, as well as the Giants played, foul-smelling New England had the upper-hand with 2:30 left to go … but Giants quarterback, Eli Manning, channeled his brother (Colts quarterback, Peyton Manning) and drove down the field for an unfathomable, winning touchdown!

The small party at my house erupted. None of us were big football fans (with the exception of Cassandra!) but we all live and work in New York. And to see a teary, joyous Jeff C[removed] run down from the stands and catch the winning touchdown pass made it all that much more special.

PS. Go fuck yourself, Jeff C[removed]. The Mavs are winning this year.


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