In A (Basement) Jam

I hope you all have taken the necessary precautions in order to hear the latest band update! I last mentioned how I had visited Eric’s pad in The Bronx for an initial jam/writing session. He returned the favor later in the week by checking out the famous Bergen Basement where we worked a little more on our song, tentatively titled “You Always Get Your Way.” Then things got very quiet.

The following week I was sick and had to miss out on my band and Zog duties (though I heroically found the strength to play video games). The next week was just extremely busy for both Eric and I what with El Stever visiting New York, the Jeff C[removed] Bowl, and a lot of other nonesense.

Finally, though, I made the trek back up to his place Saturday and knocked out a complete song from scratch. A pretty impressive feat even if the results were a still a little mixed. Seeing as I have trouble finishing anything (exhibit A, exhibit B, exhibit C) I’ll call it a huge win. With the session coming to a close, Eric mentioned he had a friend who was interested in jamming with us on Monday. When he let it slip that the gentleman in question was a drummer I became a swooning, little girl inside.

Monday came and I was, once again, just scrambling to get home on time. John, the drummer, arrived shortly after I did and we decided to not fuck around and just start directly in on things: what we were currently playing on our respective video game machines. John seems pretty cool and, though he has been playing for quite some time, casually warned he might be a little rusty due to some recent time away from the drums. I had similar reservations in my own present chops but by the end of the night those old jamming muscles had been warmed up and were flexing like Arnold in ’77.

To wrap things up, we jammed out an early GNR-esque song and had really started to feel each other out and come together towards the end of the night. Time will only tell where any of this goes, but until then, one thing is for certain: there is still no Dohblog in 2008!

PS. Interesting parallel blog: Almost exactly three years ago to the day, a jam with the same instrumentation as last night occured as Richard and I visit a drumming coworker of his. Oh, except the result was on the opposite side of the rock meter than last night’s jam.

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