Chinflap Jones and the Temple of Doh

Photo © 2008 Brandon Jones

Last weekend Cassie and I drove down to Arlington, Virginia to make a surprise birthday visit to Brandon Jones who was now a year older and a chin flappier. It was actually a busy couple of days for many of my friends as Toine was moving into his new townhouse and Stever was moving his girlfriend temporary into his quarters (I hope that is public information!). However, by the time we arrived to Brandon’s apartment (in the same complex as the Ol’ Pink Sock) it seemed as though the jig was up.

First of all, Brandon’s best man, Brendan, showed up the night before and the two lovers went to go see a baseball game between the Nationals and the Orioles. Katie, Brandon’s betrothed, told him that this would be Weekend Game 1 of 2 and that the second would involve six people total. So, Brandon’s brain worked feverishly to decode who else would be joining the festivities.

No one knows for sure which came first: Brandon’s steel-trap mind computing that I would be one of the surprise guests or Toine spilling the beans! What is known is that my knock on the door to the “Marital Sock” was greeted with a sarcastic “who could that be?!” The last to arrive for the affair was Brandon’s business partner, Kevin, and then we all headed out/back to National’s Park for Nats vs. O’s: Round Deux!

The new Nationals Park is beautiful – from almost anywhere you can see the game and the atmosphere is equal parts state-of-the-art technology and baseball nostalgia. The Nationals actually have the best mascots (that I’m aware of): they have the four Presidents from Mount Rushmore as giant-headed, costumed people who are usually involved in races around the bases and shirt-tossing. The best was Teddy Roosevelt who – with a race win total of 0 – finally popped his cherry by defeating the Orioles bird! Super hilarious, though it’s hard to describe.

There was a massive thunderstorm in the middle of the game and we had to withstand an hour-long rain delay, huddled under some stairs with a bunch of other people. But after the skies cleared again we managed to sneak down into amazing seats to watch the rest of the game. Brandon was in such an aroused state due to the Orioles’ winning he demanded to play a game of Scene It? when we all got back to his apartment. He then proceeded to lose horribly (Cassie, who forecasted coming in last place surprisingly won).

The next day I returned to Casa De Jones to play some basketbanus with El Stever and Brandon. In my absence, they (along with Toine-master) have devised a new, more potent form of Crappy in which each person must add a word to a growing sentence while shooting the ball. Screwing up either due to Crappy rules or not coming up with a word results in a penalty and the whole thing is just so funny to play. Once again Brandon lost (I won 2-0 🙂 ) but he might’ve been a little depressed that his girlfriend, Toine, didn’t show up to play.

(Warning: Schumin-style ending!) All in all, it was a great weekend to relive the Arlington, Virginia experience and to see Brandon’s alcohol-reddened cheeks again. But I knew I would have an interesting, New York-themed weekend to look forward to upon my return … wait for details in the next Stanus blog!!!!!

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