Fireworks in my Pants at Yankee Stadium

The 4th of July is “supposed” to be spent doing things of a patriotic sort: grilling out in backyards, hanging flags outside of your house, eating apple pie, etc. Well, Cassie and I decided to up the stakes and be uber-Americans by doing what is perhaps the most patriotic thing to do of them all. We went to see a YankeesRed Sox game in Yankee Stadium!

We secured a couple of super nosebleed tickets from Stubhub and arrived at the 161 St station in The Bronx which empties out right outside of the stadium. There were several people on our train wearing Yankees merch but I really wasn’t prepared for wait awaited us upon exiting the subway. Along the entire stretch of the stadium were mini-shops and bars – all packed to beyond capacity with Yankee and Red Sox fans spilling out into the street. We decided to stop in one of the stores and I bought a Lou Gehrig (local son of Yorkville – my soon-to-be home!) shirt. When we got out Cassie noticed the store nextdoor was called “Stan’s” and I kicked myself for not purchasing it there. Then we suddenly realized that every single restaurant and store on the block was named Stan’s. It was a weird experience and I’m still not sure what the deal is behind this … but I’ll find out someday. Or I won’t. I could go either way on this, actually.

Though the exterior of the stadium was iconic to see up close I didn’t truly feel like I was experiencing history until we were herded through gate 4 into the inner halls. These cramped, damp, winding tunnels screamed 1920’s as they made little sense, didn’t maximize space for stores well, and generally felt built to hold way less people than were present. Luckily, Cassie and I easily found our way to Tier 15 where we would be witnessing the game from a little behind (and way above) 1st base.

There’s not much to say about the game itself. At least, I have trouble putting the whole thing into words that seem worthy. I’ve been to many a baseball game but all of them seemed infantized when compared to the Yankees game. There weren’t any mascots, the old jumbo screen used graphics from the 1970’s, and the walking vendors threw your food at you from at least 10 rows away. This wasn’t the kiddie spectacle/adult picnic I was used to. This was baseball: the sport! The vicious, historical rivalry I was expecting was so over-hyped though – I only witnessed 1 real case of heckling and it was tongue-in-cheek and lasted a minute, maybe. Meanwhile they ratio of Boston fans to Yankee fans was about 1-3 and it was mainly dueling choruses of “Let’s go Red Sox” verses “Let’s Go Yankees!”

Right at the middle of the seventh inning an unwelcome guest arrived: rain! The teams continued to play through the bottom of the inning but gave up when the water wasn’t stopping so once again I got to see a giant tarp pulled out. Cassie and I braved the elements (ok, actually our seats were luckily under a giant overhang) but eventually ducked out after an hour of waiting.

Avoiding the rain as best we could we managed to “find ourselves” inside Planet Sushi – our favorite sushi place (and, yes, I still can’t believe I’d ever be saying that phrase). There we ordered baseball themed dishes (I got a Boston roll and she got a Bronx roll) and watched the disappointing conclusion to our game on tv.

Then walked to the East River to witness the Macy’s fireworks display!!!!!! All of those exclamation points are sarcastic except the first one which should be a frowning face 🙁 because … I just don’t get what the fascination with fireworks is. It’s just colors exploding in the sky. Well, I am definitely in the minority as there were thousands of people set up along the river to “experience” the “show.” Even a helicopter – holding some unknown rich celebrity – hovered overhead to take in the view. There were some cool fireworks – one blew up into a smiley face while another blew up into a cube – but that really was about it for my excitement.

Ah, well … happy cuatro de julio! And here are the photos to prove I wasn’t fibbing!

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  • Zepmoon
    Thursday, July 17th, 2008 at 15:04 | #1

    Way cool, I remember going to Forbes Field in Pittsburgh as a kid to see the Pirates play. The stadium was built in 1909 and was very scary in its lack of OSHA approved construction. You know little things like railing on the top floor boxes that where low enough to topple over! Make the wrong move and you’d be five floors down.

    Glad you had the Yankee Stadium experience – it’ll be a parking lot this time next year.

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