Yet Another Weekend Spent in the Commonwealth of Virginia

Photo © 2008 Stan Syckes

I’m starting to fall behind in my super-important blog postings and I know it. I really need to switch priorities and start blogging about stuff I do instead of actually doing them … but I won’t! I can only continue to break this and all other rules because of my rebellious ways!

A Wedding So Grand Wikipedia Must Be Updated Because Of It!
It’s a good sign that the SteverOnline is starting to scoop me again when we attend shared events. For a while I was worried I was the lone blogger left in my community … but I digress! I took the 11th off to (once again) drive down to Virginia. I rented a small car and checked out my cousin Zack’s wedding to long-time girlfriend, Alexandra. And, yes, in case you didn’t notice the gentleman in question has a Wikipedia page. Very cool. The whole affair was very traditional and classy with a Penn State flavor – the mascot even jumped out of nowhere during the reception to start the dancing. Congratulations you two, though the number of single relatives is whittling down quickly … scary.

Reclaiming One’s History And Sorting It From All The Other Crap I’ve Saved
Since I was in the area for the wedding I decided to drive down to my mom’s house in Woodbridge, Virginia to finally tackle a long neglected project: go through the 25-30 boxes of my shit in her basement closet. Steve – along with his sidekick Tom Tom GPS doodad – joined me for the ride (though I still managed to take a wrong turn right off the bat). We dumped out all the boxes and I picked out the items I absolutely needed to have for my New York apartment. The fun of coming across so many items and memories I had totally forgotten about far outweighed the work (I estimate we put in 5 hours or so). Then, all “jazzed up,” we dialed-a-Toine and played some basketball (in an eerie mirror image of an earlier match, I won both of our games). The sad part of that last sentence was how I wasn’t able to link Toine to the DohBlog as it is looking more and more likely the site is down for good. 🙁

Getting Lost In Philadelphia
… is not that cool. Don’t know how I did it but I found myself on the wrong road on the trip back to New Jersey. Ah, well. Even though my phone’s battery and blackberry were both dead I managed to locate directions back (hint: it involved my laptop and a Dunkin Donuts establishment). Perhaps the thought of the Jones’ moving to Philadelphia was in the back of my mind and I subconsciously made my way there in hot anticipation. That, or I just took the wrong exit on 95.

Great Toine-blogs! there is just so much excitement in my life, eh? I will continue to post as there are a lot of occurrences this past week that need to be shared. Next up: Cassie and I almost get killed at a busy intersection!

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