A Fire Under My Ass!

I was recently reading Cassie’s old LiveJournal (and no, I probably shouldn’t just hand out that link) and loved how there were so many bite-sized posts. When she had something deep to talk about the blog would be big, but most were just quick snapshots of what she was up to or what she was thinking about. They’re so honest and funny and have no meaning whatsoever but it has given me new purpose in my own blog.

For a while now this thing has become way too bloated and corporate. My posts are super-long, edited, and punched up to be more entertaining than originally written. I still would love to have all my great stories written in their best formats here, but I’m going to also try moving into smaller, spontaneous postings as well!

For example, I noticed a few months into this year that I had written 6 blogs each month and decided I’d try to go a whole year doing so. Well, now I shall throw this accursed net from off my shoulders and shall blog to my own heart’s desire until the crowds shout for mercy! And I will respond with a resounding “no!” and continue to blog even more. There will be no stopping me! Hopefully.

  • Monday, August 4th, 2008 at 17:36 | #1

    …This might have just won my “Worst Dohblog of 2008” award

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