an all-star weekend

So I saw “American Splendor” this weekend, the movie about Harvey Pekar’s life and comic book of the same name. Anyway, one scene struck me as, early on in the film, Harvey passes a mirror to see his disgusting reflection and a thought ballon appears above him saying “well there’s a reliable dissapointment.” This weekend also held the 53rd NBA All-Star games (though it was my 1st) and as I sat watching them I wondered if this tradition would evoke from me the same phrase Harvey thought. First of all, I missed most of the Rookie-Sophomore challenge but it didn’t look too interesting, then the debacle of the 3 point challenge and dunk contests occurred. My favorite part: how the winning dunk was an unintentional lay-up! And then the all-star game itself where only two or three cool things happened. Oh well, perhaps the completion of the March Hotness Tournament will serve as a chaser to this weekend’s taste.

THREE YEARS LATER: I actually know for a fact the 2004 NBA All-Star game wasn’t the first one that I watched. I vividly remember watching the 2003 game which was Michael Jordan‘s final appearance. The 2004 All-Star game, however, did occur during the first full NBA season that I watched, which is probably why I was considering it was my “first.”

I also recall Nate Crandell – friend, roommate, and fellow broadcaster of our college radio program, the Bj and Nate Show – asking me how I felt about this game on our program later this night. I tried to use the same, “American Splendor” metaphor but it failed miserably.

This was the first blog I made that included an image, an idea I got from seeing this practice being used at Okay Samurai Multimedia.

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