Hands Down

Photo © 2008 Stan Syckes

The Red Butt apartment is old and the floors ramp up slightly from the center to where the meet the walls. My computer desk is in one corner so the wheeled chair I sit in has a habit of slowly rolling away from the desk to the center of the living room. It’s not a big deal as I got a rug to go under it, gripping the wheels a bit. However, I have gotten used to putting all my jackets and coats on this chair’s back. Thus ends the set up of our little tale!

Well, Saturday I woke up and got in the chair. Cassie asked me to look at something and I spun in my chair to see what she was talking about. I don’t think I spun all that fast and I didn’t push back or anything in my seat. But the three jackets shifted in such a way that all of the weight was suddenly on the side of the chair near the center of the room. As the floor slants, this meant the chair tipped over and I landed with my full weight on my right hand. I immediately knew something was up … though I could still use every finger. About two hours later the outside of my hand had swollen up and was turning blue. Exactly like my foot did a year and a half ago.

Well … only having use of 1.5 hands is really eye-opening. I can get away with playing video games as I only need the right thumb but playing guitar is out of the question. Typing is an especially annoying pain as it’s my work and showering takes twice as long and is half as productive! I really can’t wait for this thing to heal as I’m climbing the walls from not being able to pick up with my music like I’d planned. Just when I got those great rock drum samples, suddenly I had a guest and vacation in Virginia. Now I’m handicapped! Patience, stanus … patience!

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  • Monday, January 5th, 2009 at 13:54 | #1

    Have you thought about going to the doctor to get it checked out? You could have a fracture or something. And considering your hands are your livelihood (currently as a programmer and in the future as rock star and/or hand model) you might want to make sure it’s healing properly.

    But I rarely go to the doctor for stuff I know I should, so pot meet kettle.

  • Tuesday, January 6th, 2009 at 09:56 | #2

    Yeah … I’ve considered it. Right now it feels like my foot did a year ago and that subsided in a week. So I’m giving it until Saturday … then I’ll make my decision/be forced to go by a female I know.

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