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I just bought a 10-pack of Ernie Ball Super Slinky guitar strings off eBay for $39.99. And, with no shipping fees, that’s $3.99 per pack! Wow … what a huge difference this is from when I first started to buy these babies. When I first picked up the guitar in December of 1996 I really had no clue there were even different types/widths of strings, much less have a preference for a specific one. However, after a long investigation process that probably lasted years I finally settled down with the strings in that manly pink dressing!

I actually thought I was going to write an entire post about my relationship with a fucking guitar string type. The only story I remember is, while spending the summer in the infamous Shack – writing, rehearsing, and recording music – I had a ton of these strings. I was so bored and kind of hungry one night so I chewed on every piece of the plastic covering the strings came in. There: only story I was somehow about to base this blog on.

Alright, I think I’ll move on to issues of a more interesting sort!!

First of all, I shall address Stever’s favorite blog category: the Fiday Catchup! Although I wish it to remain a deadline post – checking in every Friday – I’m going to retool it a bit, as well. Specifically, I don’t want to have to conform to the lists, reviews, and YouTube video template I concocted a month ago. That got really boring really fast. Instead, I’ll just update you with what’s going on … as my life has suddenly shifted into a super-busy hyperwarp.

First of all, I’ve now jammed twice with drummer, John, and we’ve made some serious progress. Both of us were extremely rusty coming back but we estimate our level at about 75-80% where it used to be last year (each at our peak). The relationship is a lot easier and the mood is more conducive to getting things done and having fun in the process than our previous band. There, writing music had to compete with the other guitarists’ moping, the lead singer’s micromanagement, and the wars between the two. Last night, in fact, we started work on a new song and John actually started to suggest cool things to add to the song (I never heard him utter a songwriting suggestion in the previous band). The sound between us is very straight, hard rock which is an inspiring start though I am concerned about versatility.

Ultimately, I wish to be in a band that encompasses the best parts of the Red Hot Chili Peppers (fun and funky), Radiohead (intellectual and modern songwriting), Led Zeppelin (intelligent musicianship and swagger), Guns N’ Roses (something that can get a little nasty and melodic, memorable solos), and Weezer (attitude and songcraftsmanship). I know John and I have only jammed twice, but perhaps it’s never to early to sit down and discuss where we each want to see with the band.

I’ve been on a search for a singer/songwriter to partner with as well. A couple weeks ago I met Jeff, a singer/songwriter/rhythm guitarist (the role I’m looking for as a priority) whom I’d actually almost jammed with a year ago. We met at his place, traded stories, experiences, and a few songs and then I left. Unfortunately, the leaving was so abrupt that there was no real closure. I exited not really fully aware of how I felt about the situation. Ultimately, he emailed me back saying that he didn’t think our styles meshed well and I would have to agree with him. He wrote more open, cyclical U2/Coldplay stuff and I was nervous how that would fit with the hard rock John and I are birthing.

The search continues … but this post does not! In fact there are so many things that I could discuss here about my past two weeks, but I’ve got to get ready to head down to Philadelphia where I will be meeting the Joneses and perhaps the Stetses! I apologize, but I will try to make it more of a priority to check in here for you all.

Until then … make mine the SteverOnline!

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