Bad Fantasy

I still have a backlog of posts I’d like to get out but unfortunately I’ve been experiencing some stanus.butt difficulties while at home. It’s forced me to be a little slower at posting than I’d like but I promise to get all of these goodies out.

Holy shit, I sucked at all of my fantasy sports. I’ve done fairly well in all of my online sporting ventures in the past but this year was quite a wake up call. I’m going to be a man and admit it here … I’m also going to be lazy by putting up a table and calling it a blog.

Sport League Name Team Name Draft Order Result
Baseball PPC Fantasy Baseball 2.0 NY Homeless #3 9 of 10
Football DSPC Fantasy Football Daily Stain #8 8 of 8
Football Belichick’s Boobies Favre’s Silver Pubes #10 5 of 14
March Madness Marsteller Office Pool Bracket #1 N/A Tie-34 of 143
March Madness Marsteller Office Pool Bracket #2 N.A 66 of 143
Basketball Kobe Is A Nutter Dirk&KiddAreLovers!! #2 7 of 14
Basketball Jason Kidd’s Head Wrinkles NBASim #1 6 of 12

I actually did win a March Madness bet ‘tween just Cassie and I, but even this didn’t buoy my overall outcome by much.

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