Overwhelemed By Time; Underwhelming In Blog

Alright … I’m feeling a bit overwhelmed with a few things. A lot of them are self-inflicted, so here goes a ranting, venting, probably dull blog.

I’ve never considered myself much of a writer although I usually attribute this to finding the inspiration to write well in only a handful of subjects. And, of course, these are the usual culprits: NBA basketball and the historical/statistical analysis of it, funny or amazing stories in which I am a participant, and my own musical exploits. Every now and then I can pull a decent telling of some random topic from the very center ‘tween by buttocks but these are very few and very far between.

Essentially, what I’m trying to set up here is another rant about the “blog voice” that I care to bring up from time to time (and now that I just did a search for “blog voice” across [stanus.net] I didn’t really find any posts to link to … so maybe I’m wrong on this). Anyway, I would love for this site to ultimately morph into post after post of the latest update about my band (ex: “tonight we played this setlist at this show and I think it went well because …”) or about the latest funny story I’ve been involved in (ex: “tonight, our usual Lost viewing turned into a drinking game that ended in nudity …”). Meanwhile, I’d continue to write about basketball on my NBA Sim blog.

“What in the world is preventing you from just doing this, already?” you may be asking right about now. Well, the answer is simple: me! I’m blessed/cursed with a super creative imagination that has currently loaded up so much of my free time with (insanely fun [to me, only, usually]) hobbies. These hobbies have been slowly sucking out all of my free time and I believe I’ve even become addicted to several of them. Sometimes, when I’m asked to stop doing them and go out and try something new or fun I put up a mini-tantrum like a little child. It must look silly: “What … you want to go to trivia night??! No, I will not stop determining who is 1989 Michael Jordan’s close based on 82-standardized game schedules and pace-adjusted stats!”

Wow … I’ve really gotten astronomically far from where I wanted this post to go, so here goes a little salvaging!

I’ve come across a few friends’ blogs – one from the past that is no longer updated and one that has just begun (NSFW). Both have extremely well-defined blog voices (Brigette’s blog was all about her adventures – both large and small – due to her love of traveling while John’s blog is both an outlet for his razor wit and his descriptions of living a life very much like a Larry David characters).

Anyway, with the help of these blogs and other eureka moments, I’m starting to come to a realization … I’ve been going about things a bit backwards for quite a while. Don’t put the focus on what makes great blog posts and try to squeeze them out. Instead, focus on what makes an exciting life and you’ll get effortless, great content.

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