Paper: Already An Anachronism

Photo Montage © 2009 Stan Syckes

A few days ago I received an issue of Maxim in the mail. I am not currently, nor have I ever subscribed to the magazine – it’s pretty lame and the cheesecake photos of women are usually so tired (“What else can we put in front of a naked woman to make a PG-13 picture?!?!”). Anyway, I chalked this strange appearance to some sort of press; a free issue to spark interest in possible readers.

Two days later another issue showed up in my mailbox! This one had a giant sticker placed on the cover – and not just to cover up a lame semi-nude Jennifer Love Hewitt photo, but to actually give me some information! I’ve known for some time that the only magazine I subscribed to, Electronic Gaming Monthly, had stopped existing in paper-form and was now an internet-only service. What I didn’t expect was that they would funnel all of the issues I was still owed on my subscription to a piece of garbage like Maxim.

Oh, well. It’s the end of an era as I no longer receive a magazine in the mail 🙁 . I guess this means I have more time to dedicate to music … well, either that or subscribe to this awesome new, British gaming magazine I discovered called GamesTM. Hmm … I wonder which will win out …

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