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Well, who would have guessed it? My phone – almost exactly 2 years after I purchased it – is on it’s last legs. Both the smaller outside screen (that displays the date/time and who is calling) and the larger inside screen both go completely white, rendering any phone functionality useless. Oh, and this happens about 75% of the time!!!

This was especially annoying as it forced me to adjust my phone-answering protocol. Instead of adhering to my strict “never answer an unknown number” policy, I now had to answer every call. Unfortunately, this meant I experienced the pleasure of talking with several telemarketers and other shady customers. FUN 🙂 !

Well, I had enough and upgraded my piece of shit phone to the new iPhone 3GS. The email verification I received warned of a 7-14 day wait for the phone to arrive but it was at my doorstop in 2! Sadly, I wasn’t there to claim it so in an eerily similar fashion I hustled out to parts unknown (this time the middle of the Bronx) just to have a new damn phone for the weekend.

I’m still getting used to this bad boy (hell, I just finished inputting all my contacts!) but so far it’s got a shitload of everything I want … and more! Phone that actually works? Check! Video? Double-check! BEER PONG APP LOADED AND READY TO BE INSPECTED?????? Treble-Check 🙂 !

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