Showdown In Chinatown

Photo 2009 Cassie Melnikow

Man, so much is happening all of a sudden and it’s hard to keep up in blog form! But I’m doing my best … and this means I haven’t forgotten the final part in my Rock Thrillogy nor the second part to my Virginia Weekend. All I ask is for you to take a little advice from one W. Axl Rose and have a little patience!

Last night, famous NBA balla, Steve Nash, held his second annual Showdown in Chinatown – a celebrity soccer game comprised of NBA players, Major League Soccer players and ESPN writers – in the lower east side. Although I work just two metro stops away from where the event is helf, I hadn’t heard anything about last year’s match until the day after. This year’s game snuck up on me as well (Nash, you really need to pump some public relations into this organization) but Cassie and I did manage to get down there in time to watch a little bit.

Actually, Cassie watched the whole thing but I had to stay at work a little longer than expected. However, with the help of my trusty Google Maps APP on my new iPhone I made it in record time. Unfortunately, when I got there cops had fenced the area off so I couldn’t meet up with Cassie and, instead, had to go around to some nearby playground section to attempt to see my precious ballers. Well, I was lucky and saw Chris Bosh, Steve Nash and Grant Hill. Tony Parker (and wife, Eva Longoria) were there too but I missed them.

I was really only there for 20 minutes but it seemed like it would have been a lot of fun to actually watch. Therefore, next year I shall go into crazy planning mode and make it happen!

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