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Ok, so about that apartment I mentioned …

I’ve actually been pretty quiet about the whole apartment saga on this blog as 1) I thought the band stuff was way more interesting and 2) the whole story was kind of a blur. I didn’t have much time to process it all, much less feel like I could write about it. Anyway, here’s a brief, listed synopsis of it all:

  • Monday, 6/29 – After deciding to look for a new apartment months ago, we finally go to see first one. It’s in a building located in the east 60’s and includes both a gym and laundry but we aren’t fans of the apartment, itself.
  • Thursday, 7/2 (Afternoon) – The plan was for Cassie to check out a few more apartments on this second outing before I got home from work. I’d catch up with her upon returning home, but as it happened she was just leaving the last of the apartments as I arrived. Luckily, Cassie said she wasn’t a big fan of any of the places she saw. She did, however, make a date with the broker showing her around for early the next day to go look at another batch.
  • Thursday, 7/2 (Night) – Cassie heard back from a broker that an apartment in the building directly behind us was open and we could check it out that very night. We went over, picked up the keys from the doorman and let ourselves in. The cleaning man was the only soul in the place and he let us look around for an hour. However, it only took 5 minutes to realize this was the apartment we wanted: bigger than our current place but in the same great location; not that much more expensive; included a dishwasher in the kitchen, a gym upstairs, and laundromat downstairs; housed a glass-encased pool on the roof; and offered an open sunroof with an amazing view. We immediately emailed the broker back and said we wanted it.
  • Friday, 7/3 – Meet at broker’s office to sign application, pay $500 fee to get apartment unlisted, and get credit background checks.
  • Monday, 7/6 – Thursday, 7/9 – Fax a shit load of paperwork to the broker. I think these jobs were the only the second things I have ever faxed in my life so I was actually nervous operating the fax machine!
  • Friday, 7/10 – Met with the broker and (unbeknown to us) the owners of the apartment at the broker’s office. We handed over all the leftover paperwork and, after about an hour, we left feeling pretty good. The owners appeared to like us and were very easy going about everything. We were told that all the paperwork was going to be delivered to the condo committee who would give us the ultimate approval. We had no idea how long this process would take.
  • Monday, 7/20 – Received an email from broker that we had been approved by the committee and that the apartment was officially ours!!

Anyway, sorry I’ve been so quiet on here but I’ve now spent every night/day since we heard we got the apartment cleaning, packing and planning for the move (it happens Tuesday)! Give me a few more days and I’m sure I’ll be back to talking about basketball ….

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