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Hello, Harrisonburg! I just got back in town after a three-day tour in Blacksburg. Wednesday night, Richard and I played an acoustic gig at the More Than Coffee restaurant (commemorative historical plaque arriving soon). We hadn’t played together in a while, much less performed, but our show of Radiohead, Stones, Pumpkins, and Van Halen wasn’t terrible. Plus, the audience was given the magical experience of hearing some first publicly performed Bras orginial material by Bras members. Hot! Thursday, we went to see Ulu play at a nearby bar and they were amazing … and our age! A great inspiration for us to do this here thang of music for a living. Friday we saw a godawful band that was at a larger venue than we had played at – so our egos were boosted a bit. It was a much more adventurous weekend, but no time to blog it all. Ah, blog!

THREE YEARS LATER: I guess it’s finally time to get into all the lost information from this “adventurous weekend!” Luckily, I kept a record about this gig/trip in the infamous Shack journal.

Richard had signed us up for the gig in advance, and we left JMU extremely early (2 am) to get to Blacksburg with time to rehearse. We get to Richard’s house and crash for a while. Upon waking up, we run through our definitive set list a couple of times until my hands cry. To waste time, we go get new strings put on both acoustic guitars (I must have been borrowing the guitar belonging to my brother, Steve).

After a quick bite at Extreme Pita and a trip to Richard’s bank (he is kindly turned away since he has a balance of -$600), we get in a little more practice time. We make it to More Than Coffee for our show at 7pm, and have to fasten a microphone stand out of a chair and Richard’s scarf. The entire night there are maybe 20 people that sneak in and out and we take a dinner break (on the house!) with Richard’s friend, Cassis, who shows up.

Cassis’ sister, Julie, soon arrives and we perform a three-song encore just for her. Immediately after finishing, both Richard and I were on “gig highs” and demanded to be get as drunk as possible! Unfortunately, the rest of this crazy night consisted of randomly running into old colleagues, “Weiner” and Yousri, at The Cellar, and then playing Texas hold ’em (where Richard cleaned up) at Richard’s apartment with Cassis, his sister, and Richard’s weird roommate, Brent.

The next day is spent traveling to Christiansburg so Richard can cash a check, eating at Quiznos, and stopping at the local Office Max so Richard can fill out an application. On the way home I casually mention that I haven’t seen Swingers, yet. Richard pulls the car over! We immediately remedy this error by renting and watching the great film. Afterwards, we head over to Bailey’s to see a band called Ulu. We meet up with a friend of Richard’s named Megan and her friend Mary. Megan tells us to see a local band, Jungle Ed, tomorrow and the night ends on a high note when Mary kisses me (though nothing else happens)!

I woke up the next day on Richard’s floor and we spent most of the day playing Grand Theft Auto Vice City and watching episodes of Chapelle’s Show. As we leave dinner (at Macado’s) Richard’s car won’t start at all, and we attempt to flag down a couple to help as they walk into the restaurant. It turns out to be a girl Richard knows, but she says she’s on a date so we decide not to bug her. We finally get a jump a half hour later and meet up with Richard’s friend, Justin to see Jungle Ed. They are fucking terrible! But there is a huge audience watching … so it is a strangely inspirational to me.

Eventually, it’s too painful and we leave and stop at Fun N Games – the local comic and card shop where Richard played Magic: The Gathering. Here I am introduced to 1) Richard’s Magic friends and 2) their incredibly palpable body odor! Richard is scared his car will die again, so he leaves it running the entire time we are in the shop (at least an hour). We meet up with Cassis, his sister, Julie, and her roommate, Elizabeth, again and leave to find a party. We end up at Richard’s old roommate, Beth’s, apartment where she has a loud argument with her boyfriend. We finally leave when it stops being entertaining and starts to get creepy.

This blog was also used to test out the commenting system I implemented in the blogging engine I created since it was far back in the archives enough not to be noticed. Brandon Jones helped me to set up some basic security for the comments.

Airbag (Radiohead)
You (Radiohead)
Karma Police (Radiohead)
Just (Radiohead)
Smashing Pumpkins Medley (Richard solo)
Used To Love Her (Guns N’ Roses)
Ice Cream Man (Van Halen)
Angie (Rolling Stones)
Patience (Guns N’ Roses)
Used To Love Her (Guns N’ Roses)
I Saw Her Standing There (The Beatles)
Note: I didn’t write down any Bras tunes, but I’m sure we at least played Can’t and/or Nato



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