Holy Running Batman!

A quick break between singer audition blogs to recap what else I’m up to …

  • Batman – Over a year ago I entered a pact with El Stevedore about purchasing old TV show series. We were both huge fans of Batman (the 1966 TV series) and The Wonder Years but neither are offered as full DVD collections. So, we did some research and found people who had taped every episode and copied them to DVD. I would get Batman, he’d get Wonder Years, and then we’d switch when finished.

    Well, I got caught up with other things like my old band, the NBA, and Lost but Stever didn’t wait for me. In fact, after watching all of The Wonder Years, he impatiently got his own copy of Batman. Meanwhile, I’ve finally started to watch these bad boys, now. So far, the show is way better than I had remembered. I have watched some of my favorite childhood shows (Quantum Leap, Danger Mouse, Thundercats) post-childhood and none have measured up to the memories I have of them. Well, readers, Batman may be the exception! You have to be able to operate in a camp atmosphere (and I specifically have to toss out my “comics must be treated seriously” film adaptation expectation) to fully appreciate (and just get through) each episode but there are gems here: great acting (really!), classic superhero vs villain ecapism and Rocky & Bullwinkle-esque jokes that are more appreciated by the adults than kids.

  • Running – I admit it … I hate running outside for no reason. If I’m playing a sport, I love it. If I’m running to catch a bus, I can rationalize it. But any other reason to jog outside and I have to overcome crippling boredom. So, when I found out that the our new apartment building comes fully stocked with a gym I was so excited that I needed a new pair of pants! Although relatively tiny, it has 2 treadmills, 2 bike machines, 2 elipticals, and quite a bit of weight lifting equipment (eh … I’ll get to those eventually). But the best part is that the gym is on the 32nd floor in a completely glass-encased room. So, as I run my miles on the treadmill I’m literally overlooking First Avenue from 32 floors in the air. It’s like running in the sky. Pretty hot.

    Anyway, since it’s now so convienient to run just the way I like (on a treadmill), I’ve begun another legendary 100 Mile mission. This will be the third one I’ve started (and hopefully completed) and will try to track down how long it took me to do the two previous. Keep track of my progress on the 100 Mile Challenge counter that I’ve added (waaaay down) on the sidebar.

Later fools … oh, and some more batshit making the band drama coming up next post …

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  • Added 100 Mile Challenge counter to sidebar

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