Evil Computers

Less than a month ago I worked 60-hours-weeks twice in a row. This crazy amount of work – added with my usual post-work hobby (re:getting on my computer at home) – was starting to put a strain on my hands. As a result, I’ve been trying to limit my computer access after work, which is probably a big reason why things have been so quiet on here recently. Luckily, this hasn’t stopped me from playing iMobsters, an addictive lite-RPG app for my iPhone. In it, I’ve already amassed a mob of 10 gangsters and we’re pulling off missions like liquor smuggling, bribing policemen and attacking other mobsters who are played by real people. In fact, Brandon’s on my squad but I still kicked his ass when I saw him on the attack screen just to keep him in line! I run a tough ship!

But never fear, dearest readers! There are a lot of upcoming things to look forward to once my hands get back up to snuff (what a weird phrase). Here’s your hit parade of coming attractions:

  • Audition of a third singer … death or rock? 1
  • A large new purchase should be on its way soon, but I’ll keep quiet about it until it’s official!!! 1
  • A tragic milestone is fast approaching, be ready for a tearjerker! 1

  • … and much, much more! 2

1 – The makings of a really boring blog
2 – Actually, nothing more

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