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We’ve been talking about it for a while, but last night we finally made good on all of our plans and got a kitten. Sunday was preparation day as we bough a litter box, pooper scooper, toy mice, and other necessities, but today Cassie heard back from her coworker and it was go time!

Ok, a little history. New York doesn’t allow people to get cats from anywhere (shelters, pet stores, etc.) unless they are bought in pairs or if you already had an older cat. We really weren’t interested in 2 kittens so we were trying to figure out a way to get around this. Then, during one of Cassie’s jobs, her cat-shittery was exposed as usual, but this time it was met with excitement instead of the usual ridicule by her coworkers. In fact, one of her coworkers said his cat just had 3 kittens and he was looking to give them away. He wanted to keep the only male, and had a friend coming to get one of the females and the third one could be ours. So, when Cassie heard back from him last night (the kittens are about six weeks old now) we sprang into action.

This meant an hour trip up unto the Bronx and then finding his place but once inside we were welcomed by three very playful, friendly and quiet kittens. Cassie picked up one and it immediately hissed at her so we knew that probably wouldn’t work. Then we saw this white on bottom, black on top kitten that was trying to climb up the back of a chair. We picked her up and she seemed to like us (well, at least she didn’t hiss, she merely kicked trying to get out). While the other family members were distracted by food we grabbed Gatito and put her in her temporary home (a Petco carrying box) and made the slow trip back. I was expecting her to cry or make some type of noise but the entire time she was very quiet. Every now and then I’d peer in through one of the holes and saw her big eyes looking back and she even appeared to start sleeping halfway through the ordeal.

When we finally opened her box and put her on the bed of her new apartment you could tell she was scared. She stood around a lot, just taking everything in, and we were pretty careful not to do to much to her at once. Then I put her down where her litter box and food are. She didn’t seem to want to eat much so we let her go exploring. Every few minutes or so we’d see her stick her head out from under a coach, or from behind a grocery bag and peep out her mini-meow (something so high pitched it’s more like a bird’s chirp).

During our last hour of tv, Gatito started getting tired. However she was also too excited/scared by all the change so she was fighting it with all her might. Her eyes would slowly close and she’d start to sway like a little child. I finally picked her up and put her on a couch near us and she slept for the remainder of the night as we watched tv. However, when we passed out on the bed soon after, I was awakened by her crying.

She’s still way too small to jump up and down from things, but she was attempting to climb up the side of the bed. So, I pushed the hamper (about half the height of the bed) directly up against the bed and then a pillow next to it, making an ad-hoc ramp. She quickly scampered up her new “stairway” and joined me on the bed where she fell asleep, too. It’s been a while since I’ve lived with an animal and it’s such a funny, great feeling.

Welcome to Gatito (or Tito for short), world!


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