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Last night we (the band) got together and recorded our rehearsal. Basically, we’re auditioning a bassist next week and wanted to give him the most accurate representation as to what we sound like as possible. It would’ve been easy just to email him the demos – but those were just me and a drum sample (re: boring). So, I brought my trusty Tascam mini-recorder and we set up in Studio 5 at Ultra Sound for the beginning of rock!

Unfortunately, I’m still a bit of a noob when it comes to this recorder. The last time I actually successfully used it, John and I were the only ones jamming. I recorded two songs of ours at Volume Level 2 and relistened – I could barely hear us even though our sound permeated the room! I bumped the recording to Volume Level 4, we redid the songs, and it came out beautifully! With two directional mics placed on either side of the unit, your recordings are already in a stereo field. Very cool and very professional sounding.

Anyway, I casually brought out the recorder during our last rehearsal to sneakily record our playing but didn’t realize until afterward that it actually requires two clicks to the REC button to start recording. Curses! This time, I made sure I performed the initialization sequence correctly … but forgot my first lesson about the levels! So, by the time I got home to process the recording into songs to give to the bassist I was horrified! We had totally overblown the mics and everything was just way too hot. The drums and loud guitar, especially, would cause distortion, clicks, pops and there was an ever-present hiss. I was up until 3 AM using the best restoration tools I could find on Adobe Audition (my recording program of choice) but still am left with something that shouldn’t be heard by a non-musician.

But, I felt it was an accurate enough picture of at least our energy and most parts of the songs so I burned three of the songs to a CD (along with their respective demos – just in case the bassist couldn’t comprehend any specific parts from the shitty recordings) and handed it to the guy (he’s a coworker … hopefully this doesn’t get ugly). So, there may be some more exciting band news in the future. Stay tuned!!

In other news (I’ll keep this brief), I entered into a competition to become a guest contributor for a huge Mavericks blog (Mavs Moneyball). We were each randomly given a player on the team to profile (and I only got in because someone dropped out at the last second). I had about an hour to do all the research, table formatting, and write the damn piece but here it is, in case you’re interested. There’s a poll at the bottom to rank how well I’m doing and I think the winner gets a spot on the blog.

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