The White Stripes – De Stijl (2000)
When I first saw the trailer to It Might Get Loud I wondered if people would balk at seeing Jack White alongside such legendary guitarists as Jimmy Page and The Edge talking about guitaring. But, ever since I casually selected to listen to a coworkers copy of “Elephant,” I’ve been a huge White fan. I’ve been slow at getting into the other White Stripes albums but I’ll get to it, dammit! “De Stijl” is a little more of the same as their debut album: it still sounds like a 1920’s black blues guitarist playing with a kid drummer – both of whom are just about to lose control of their instruments. But, here there’s a little more craft to the songs (“Hello Operator” sonically describes the act of waiting on the phone). Hell, this “roots” rock band isn’t even afraid to embrace the Led Zep grandiose (well, as grandiose as a guitar-drummer duo can be), either with “Why Can’t You Be Nicer To Me?” A good, solid showing … just falls a little short on the songwriting when compared to their later endeavors. [4.2/10.0] Good

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