MINI BLOG: Raditude

Weezer – Raditude (2009)
Another Weezer album, another online music purchase. Wow, I guess I’m finally maturing and coming back into the world of actually paying for my music (that was a joke, FBI). Well, Weezer albums are sure starting to be like Star Trek movies: the good ones are immediately followed by terrible ones. “Raditude” has some nice melodies – it seems like the tunes to all of Rivers Cuomo’s songs are ones that you’ve known your entire life – but there is a very empty vibe going through the whole album. I have a theory that the theme behind this grouping of songs was to write material based on or inspired by what the band members thought would be cool (or, sigh … raditude) when they were 12. The cover of the album seems to be dripping with late 70’s/early 80’s which would be right about the time when Rivers was 12. Unfortunately, even that nice fantasy theory doesn’t justify some of the turds on this album and the overall apathy given to the lyrics. I’ve always been a music-over-words man when it comes to songwriting but, damn, Rivers! This stuff is mindless. [4.0/10.0] Good

What? This came out as good with my scathing review? Oh, well. RESISTANCE AGAINST THE RATING SYSTEM IS FUTILE!

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