Bass Tendencies

Well, my band has just been me, John (drummer) and Matt (singer) for a while now but last Wednesday we finally auditioned a bassist. I say finally because we’ve had a slew of schedule derailments the past few weeks (I think I reserved and cancelled 5 different sessions in the past 2 weeks).

I asked my coworker, Dan, to come out and jam with us. Now, this could’ve ended really awkwardly as if either he or we hadn’t enjoyed the audition I would’ve had to still deal with the work relationship. But, luckily, he seemed to have a good time playing with us, liked the songs, and liked the other two guys. These things are always kind of touch and go at the beginning but I think this might be a very positive addition as Dan is super professional (he’s been a hired gun for about 12 bands in the past 3 years).

As I mentioned in a previous post, I had given Dan (terrible) recordings of our 3 original songs so we focused on just playing them during our 2 hours (it’s weird how fast those 2 hours went even though the set list was so small). At first Dan fumbled for a few of the chord changes (even though he was very adept at his instrument) but by the end I was feeling that magical feeling of songs being taken to the next level. I’m afraid I can’t express it any less gay than that, dear readers!

The audition was going so well that I completely forgot I had my pocket recorder (does that get you hot or what?) until the last 10 minutes of the audition so I only captured our last song and jam on tape … but it sounds great! I think I’ll wait before I share any of our recordings, though. The jam was great, but there were still a few rough patches and I’d like to present a more professional representation of us (something I know we can get soon). Hopefully later this week I can get some stuff up on MySpace. Be prepared for extreme hotness!

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