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The 50s: women and dirty old men

Ok … I’m having a lot of trouble getting to the blog for several reasons (none of which are good). So, I’m just going to quickly bullet my way through what I’ve been up with to catch up!

  • I traveled back to Virginia for Thanksgiving. Most of the tale can be gleamed from this SteverOnline post.
  • I went to my 10th year high school reunion during this same weekend. That deserves its own blog – and to tell the truth I’ve had one set up ever since I came back but I just haven’t gotten to it. Don’t hold your breath but maybe I’ll go back and knock that one out. In case I don’t – it was fun and I’m glad I went. I spent a little too much of my time talking to people I don’t remember … but I was drunk!
  • I had a rash show up on my arm randomly. It freaked the hell out of me so I showed it to a doctor. The result: shingles! Yep, I am now the proud owner of the chicken pox 2.0!
  • After the last 2009 band practice we had a great talk about the future of the band. Expect some big things!
  • I took off my final 5 days of vacation to get practically the last 2 weeks in December off. I did another Virginia run for Christmas and had a great time. I’m kind of glad the presents are now just cash rather than hours of opening smaller gifts. My 12-year old self can’t believe I just said that.
  • We had a band meetup this week. No instruments, just hitting up John’s new townhouse in New Jersey. It was the first time since I moved into the city that I had to deal with Port Authority. How I survived living through that hell hole twice a day for over a year is beyond me. Oh, and I got trashed and took a spill into some rocks. RIGHT INTO MY FACE! Yep! I’m currently healing but wow … time to lay off the sauce, right?
  • Cassie’s Christmas gift from her sister, Tori, were 2 tickets to see White Christmas on Broadway. It’s one of her favorite movies so she was psyched. And … actually it was pretty good! I’m amazed that such a limited engagement and post-Christmas Christmas show was that good but I really enjoyed it. It’s no Phantom of the Opera but I was actually entertained. I felt weird not to clap the entire time though (hands are still scraped up).

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