Karate Twin

Me and the Karate Kid

Photo © Cassie Melnikow, Montage © 2010 Stan Syckes

Celebrity Doppelganger week on Facebook occurred last week but, apparently, it’s still the thing to do. I got sucked in and tried it myself, but since I never use Facebook, I decided to dump my celeb-twin results here (thanks to Facedouble.com … or no thanks to them since it took trying for 24 hours to finally get it to work).

So I’m Ralph Macchio?? That’s definitely cool but I don’t understand where that came from, really.

    Site Updates:

  • Removed Batman: R.I.P. (2009) from Currently Enjoying
  • Added Dog the Bounty Hunter: Season 6 (2010), Celebrity Rehab: Season 3 (2010) to Currently Enjoying
  • Added cityscape background to bottom of screen
  • Removed Lost: Season 5 (2009), Foreigner (1977), The Roots – Do You Want More?!!!??! (1995) from Currently Enjoying
  • Added Frank the Entertainer in a Basement Affair (2009), Hall and Oates – War Babies (1974), Eric Clapton – 461 Ocean Boulevard (1974), Lost: Season 6 (2010) to Currently Enjoying

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