Super Bowling

A bunch of sweaty, spandex-wearing men pile on top of each other

BREAKING NEWS: The Super Bowl was played last Sunday!

It seems to be that for the past decade I’ve flip-flopped my Super Bowl watching activities. Either I’ve gone all out, attending large parties filled with many people, food and beer or I’ve sat inside my place by myself and had it on in the background.

Well, this year Cassie and I were invited to our friends’ (The Bess’) place to watch a little football and eat a shitload. Since Cassie’s Indianapolis Colts were in the contest, she went in full support – shirt, pants, scarf, and jersey all emblazoned with the horseshoe logo. I managed to fit myself into one of her Colts t-shirts and called it a day. Because of the weather, a few people decided to bail on the party, though it was great to finally meet their 13-month old future rock star, Dylan, for the first time. I’ve only seen him in blurry iPhone photos and it was fun to see him in person (though most of the night he was afraid of me and instantly in love with Cassie).

Aside from drinking a ton of beer (holy shit, those pre- and sometimes post-band practice bar trips are upping my tolerance considerably!), we played a gambling game where everyone is assigned random points. So, if I were to get 0-7, that meant that at the end of any quarter, if the integer values of the scores ended with 0-7, I’d be a winner. It was slightly more complicated than that but if you’ve never played it (and I don’t know the name), I’ll spare you the details.

Anyway, I’m sad to say it was a bad night for team Gatito as we never won in our gambling game and the Colts ultimately succumbed to … something. To tell you the truth, I know I was in front of a TV for 4 hours but I can barely remember anything I actually saw on it. I was having too much fun in the meantime, I guess.

NEXT POST (a teaser!!!!!!!!!!!): The return of the band! Interesting updates await …

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