Gettin’ Rhythm

Two unknown guitarists

I’ve always been a super-territorial guitar player: in an ad-hoc band put together for a talent show I pretty much forced the other guitarist/singer to drop the guitar and focus on singing; in my previous band I had little patience with the other guitarist’s slower grasp of certain things and metal style; hell, I remember being pushy and judgmental in my weekly high school guitar club!

So it took a little pride swallowing to come to the agreement that I need a rhythm guitarist in my, as yet, unnamed band. Being the only non-rhythm instrument in the band for the past month and a half I’ve had to hold down all the chords in every practice. Otherwise, there’s no song happening! As a result, I haven’t been able to play leads and my soloing sounded so thin. I didn’t think it’d be as big a deal as it started to become but I was getting really frustrated and felt like I was having to ignore my strengths. So, we recorded some decent takes of our five songs, put them up on my MySpace page, and wrote some craigslist ads to find a rhythm guitarist.

I got a few responses back – mostly unimpressive stuff with no musical samples – but I was really happy about one. Tommy, a guitarist from a local New York band called Die Pretty, responded saying that he was 1) interested in our songs 2) a huge video gamer (something I mentioned as a plus in my ad) and 3) a RHYTHM guitar player. I was actually concerned about this third fact going in, because I get the distinct impression the guitarist community on craigslist is kind of like the men’s league in ZogSports basketball: everyone thinks they’re Michael Jordan.

Anyway, we had Tommy attend our Thursday rehearsal. We all first met at Mustang Harry’s (as usual … and just as usual my beer showed up for me without my having to ask) and talked music and video games. He immediately fit in with us on a personal level! Then we hit the studio and played through AC/DC’s “Let There Be Rock” (the cover he suggested) and a couple of our songs. It felt amazing to finally let loose and play the solos and leads to our stuff with the song continuing behind me! Tommy enjoyed the jam as well, and – though not official – I think we may have another piece to this world-conquering plan!

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