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Big D from Big D points to his Big D

I like the Dallas Mavericks. Surprise!

I just wanted to pause for a second and celebrate this little ball club from Big D. When I first started watching/becoming obsessed with basketball during the summer of 2003 (through USA Today, of all things), I immediately latched onto this team. Sure, they had two amazing players (and soon-to-be MVPs) in Dirk Nowtizki and Steve Nash, and sure they played a highly entertaining run-and-gun style. And, ok, they were the Cinderella of the playoff ball that year. So maybe they were super easy to get into but I could have easily jumped ship at any time for another team. For whatever reason, however, I fell under their spell and stuck with them for the next seven seasons.

Seven seasons of heartbreak! A loss in the goddamn NBA Finals. A loss in the first round as the overall first seed (ugh). And most every other exit at the hands of a rougher or better team.

But also seven season of triumph! Dirk becoming MVP (I never thought that was going to happen). Winning a league-best 67 games in 2007 (sixth best win-loss record in the history of the league)! Getting all the way to the NBA Finals!

It’s made for an incredible roller coaster ride of emotions year after year. But, throughout all of the seasons I’ve spent watching them, the Mavericks have always made the playoffs and always won at least 50 games. In fact, they did this for 3 years before I started watching them, as well, making them only the 4th team ever to win 10 years of 50+ wins! I’ve always dreaded the inevitable day when the Mavericks have to go into rebuilding mode and not make the postseason but that day hasn’t happened yet!

And with these special gentleman officially securing their 3rd ever division title last night (I was right there with you guys – watching it on some random, Japanese internet feed) I don’t see that day coming anytime soon. Congrats, Mavs!

And thanks!

And go fucking win that damn championship already!

UPDATE: We have secured the second seed in the West and are matched up against the San Antonio Spurs yet again. Time to start this run.

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