It’s Been A Bumpy Ride

An easy metaphor for my past two weeks

It’s been a bit of a roller coaster these past two weeks.

First, I finally got a huge burden off my shoulders. Wednesday the 21st, my emotions and patience were tested as the giant project I’ve been plugging away on at work finally “went live.” This was a momentous event as it was the culmination of my 3 years at my firm. I started out on this project as the “Robin” to my manager’s “Batman” but with all the twists and turns of multiple years, I ended up being the damn Batman with several Robins! What a strange trip.

When things didn’t go completely according to plan at the deadline, the atmosphere got extremely tense, people became a little crazy and there was a bit of a mad scramble to set things right. But, we succeeded in getting the beast out the door and work is finally coming back down to normal levels. I’m even beginning to get used to what free time outside of the office feels like again.

Coinciding with my work’s most intense point was my grandfather’s internment. The weekend of the 24th, I traveled to Cumberland, Maryland and – although I spent 18 hours aboard a bus, a metro, and driving a car – I ended up feeling way more emotionally exhausted than just plain tired. It was nice to see all of the clan, and it was comforting to honor Pop Pop’s life in a way that was equally grand and private, but I was super sensitive at times and found it hard to really do anything but what was on the agenda. The one night we were all together, for example, I was asleep by 10pm.

I’d love to throw in my two cents on some of the reflecting that I did during this period, but I’ll save it for another post (maybe). Meanwhile, enjoy far better recaps of the weekend at these links:

After being stretched to the absolute limit by stress one day and then faced with final loss the next, I almost didn’t care when I saw my NBA season end with the Mavericks getting ousted last Thursday. Yet, somehow, I found a few last ebbs of emotion somewhere deep in my bowels – enough to still experience that “reliable disappointment” of another losing Mavs season.

To be honest, there was a moment last week where – taking blow after emotional blow – I didn’t know what more to expect.

But fear not, dear reader! I haven’t succumbed to this assault of agitation. Just the opposite in fact, as I feel stronger having survived it all! Hell, with everything I just went through, this calls for a serious celebration. Get ready for something super awesome coming next week that will include all the greatest ingredients of []: archival material, witty commentary, music, photos, way too much information, and never-before-revealed … uh … revelations!

Take shelter! You’ll need it for this huge event.

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