Virginia: Ever Been There?

Over the weekend I traveled down to Virginia (again) for a wedding and to hang out with as much people as I knew down there (a lot). There’s just to much to tell really, and it’d make a long, boring blog so I’ll do a few, quick highlights:

Virginia! Home of the Bowman!Bolt Bus: Always an Adventure!
Whenever taking a busride you’re really taking sanity into your hands and this trip was no different. The guy sitting next to me and his friends sitting in the seats in front of me proceeded to get drunk for the entire 5 hours we were on the road. Luckilly, I came equipped with both my iPod and laptop to distract me from their rowdy revelry.

Virginia! Home of the Bowman!The Hechtman Nuptials
The reason I left New York in the first place! Cassie and I arrived at Cherry Hill farmhouse in Falls Church, VA (didn’t know it even existed even though I used to be in the area all the time visiting Brandon’s first apartment) actually on time (!!) and proceeded to watch David Hechtman – yes, this same David Hechtman – get married! It was wild, but actually a very easy, breezy wedding. In fact, as soon as the ceremony was over it was instantly the reception! And, unlike most of the weddings I’ve been to, even though I didn’t know many people there, I actually had a pretty good time.

Virginia! Home of the Bowman!The Justice League of Couples
As famously named by El Stevedore, Cassie, Brandon and I set up a meeting of the couples for after the wedding. We three met up with Stever, Elise and Katie (Anthony and Joy were unable to come) at Faccia Luna in Arlington (“right by Dr. Demo’s (sic)” quoth the Jones). It actually was pretty shitty pizza but great company. After about two hours of eating and gabbing, we decided to carry the party back at the new Casa de Jones. Even though this was my first time seeing the new apartment, I actually had been to their building before – visiting someone some years ago that I know forget.

Virginia! Home of the Bowman!Enter: Killiam!
And it wouldn’t have been a party at the Jones’ without a little French injection (if you know what I mean 😉 )!!! Richard showed up wearing a velcro shirt that he alerted everyone to, and too-tight pants that Cassie alerted to him. We all wasted many hours swapping high school and college stories, surfing the YouTube internets and drinking many a Brandon Roman Coke! It was a great time, and ended on a high note when Richard passed out with one eye open!

Virginia! Home of the Bowman!The SteverUnderground
I was lucky enough to score a couch in the famed basement in which Stever dwells. However, there was a steep price to pay for this luxury as I was bombarded with 3 episodes of late-season Full House. Using this subterr-steveran area as a Virginia headquarters I was able to come and go as I pleased, including a mother’s day visit to Woodbridge.

Well, I survived yet another “trip around the corner” to Virginia. How’d you guys fare through this boring blog?

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