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LATE BREAKING NEWS (had this been a week ago): We’ve got a bassist!

After a long, fruitless search for a low-end player, the three mainstay members of my still unnamed band had decided to move on without one. We began to look at recording studios to pump out an EP and also started looking into playing live. We figured with those two items under our belt, we’d come across a bass player the old fashioned way.

Well, just like golf and free throws, when we finally stopped trying to control the bass-finding process we finally lucked into one. I randomly came across an ad on craigslist that sounded good. This was random because most of the ads marked as “bass” on this infernal site are other bands LOOKING for a bass! And those few and far between actual bassist posters are usually of the above-50/for-hire type.

When Adrien sent back a reply stating he liked our music and wanted to jam he also mentioned he was into video games and was a web designer. That situation sounded too good to be true, but John also gave me his usually dead on psychic premonition: “I have a good feeling about this guy.” We all met up for an audition jam two weeks ago. Adrien was confident on his instrument but not flashy which was great. Even better, the songs sounded like they were being played by a real band and not just three dudes! When he left John immediately said “I’m a yes.” Matt concurred. I, of course, was already taken by the video game comment in the email!

Anyway, last Monday we had a second jam and officially offered him a role in the band afterward. Adrien accepted and now, as my evil high school band director would say, we’re really cooking with gas!!! Hopefully some exciting things will be coming soon to a [] near you!

Also, on a programming note, I’ve finally finished the last part of the Best/Worst of 2009 feature and am pretty much up to date with The Shack 10th Anniversary piece. That’s what 3-day Memorial Day weekends are for, peeps!

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