What’s Our Motherfucking Name?

A bunch of interesting events have been happening in my life recently (and by interesting I mean painfully dull), so I’m going to try to do a series of quick, small blogs to catch everyone up to date on everything.

First off – a band cliffhanger!

We tried upping our band rehearsals to twice a week but it was starting to prove kind of difficult for whatever reason. So, to counter our natural laziness, we’ve upped the length of each rehearsal. Monday we met for our first 3-hour long practice. It was awesome because the pace was leisurely enough so we didn’t feel rushed and it also gave us enough time to hit up our secondary goal for the night: naming the band!

We really have been going for too long without a name – it’s usually the first thing people ask you when you’re in a band – and it might even be holding us back, even if just from a psychological standpoint. Adrien, our new bassist, came up with the following naming process:

  1. Each member would come up with 3 band names for a total of 12
  2. Each member would have an instant veto, bringing the total down to 8
  3. Each member could vote on as many names from these 8 as he wanted
  4. If there was a consensus winner it would become the name
  5. Otherwise we would take the top two and do a head to head vote off

We all showed up to practice with our 3 names and began the crazy, Survivor-type method. But, to make things more interesting, we’d do just one step in the process, play a song, do another step, play another song, etc. At the end, there was one name with 3 votes and 3 other names with 2 votes so we moved all 4 onto another round. We were only allowed 1 vote each and whittled down this to 2 names – however the band was split! Two of us liked one name, the other two liked the other. So the final round we decided to have a debate-off with each person getting 5 minutes to say why they thought the name was better.

Even though I’ve always kinda wanted the other guys to come up with a name for the band, the ones I suggested did pretty well for the night with two of my three reaching the final four, and one of mine being the ultimate winner. We selected “Wasted Days” and all loved it. We played out through our set and went home for the night, satisfied that a huge obstacle had finally been conquered in a team effort.

… That is until we woke up the next morning and hated “Wasted Days.” Oh, well, I was foolish to think it would be this easy. When we finally do come up with a name I’ll let you all know here first.

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