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Another season of Zog basketball has come and gone so I thought I’d update everyone on my progress. You know, because this subject interests everyone.

I’m going to set this post up exactly like the one I made about my previous season, so first up is a quick rundown of the players:

  • Rory – With the absence of CJ, the MVP of last year’s team, there was going to be a huge scoring hole. Luckily, Rory filled that gap. He had played basketball in high school and brought a super-hustle style mixed with great outside shooting. He was unquestionably the best player we had on the team and totally saved us in a couple of games. A really nice, funny, down-to-earth guy as well.
  • Kathy – Kathy returned from her stint as our closer last season. Her shot wasn’t as dead on this season and she seemed to have lost a step but she toughed out every game and sopped up the most minutes out of all of us. Luckily, in our last games she showed a level of athleticism I never saw in her before – grabbing several big rebounds and blocking out tougher, male opponents. Hopefully an excellent sign if she decides to return.
  • Jonathan – Once again the heart of the team, Jonathan seemed to take a step back and be more of a vocal presence this season. He still had a tenacious attitude on defense, more than making up for what he lacked in athleticism and speed. And no matter what he said to the contrary he also brought a decent shot.
  • Dominique – I thought we would need another woman on our team to give Kathy a rest every now and then so I asked Zog to give us someone from the waiting list. We got Dominique who was a tall, tough girl who had great inside moves and was a hell of a rebounder. She only showed up to about half the games due to work scheduling, but when she showed up we always won.
  • Me – I actually took a step forward this season. I was disciplined on defense as usual, but I focused more on driving over shooting. Sure, more than half of my drives usually ended up with me being stopped by a defender, but it opened up my teammates and made our offense a little less predictable. I’m really looking forward to working on that part of my game in the future.
  • Alyson – A super basketball player although she was the smallest on the team, Alyson spread herself a little too thin. Besides our games, she was also in two other basketball leagues and ended up hurting her foot, ending her season after just 1 game with us. It was a little depressing as I thought we would have done a lot better with her on the court with us.
Date Result Opponents (Win-Loss) Overall Rank
4/15 3-1-0 Wharfdogs (2-0) and Half-Dozen Donuts (1-1)
First time playing with Rory and Alyson – two teammates who played high school basketball. At one point I was in with the two of them and was giving play-by-play instructions from them. Pretty awesome and very educational. The only game we lost was a 2-on-2 game … ugh.
3-1-0 T-2
4/19 3-1-0 Fonseca’s Illegitimate Children (2-0) and Barmy Army (1-1)
I couldn’t make this for some reason … I’m thinking it was work but we continued our strong play.
6-2-0 T-2
4/27 0-3-1 Serenity Now (0-2) and Beijing Special (0-1-1)
The only night of the season that we played at full strength but we ran into two steamrollers. These teams were the best two we played all season and I’m sure they made big waves in the playoffs.
6-5-1 4
5/6 0-4-0 Live Every Week Like Shark Week (0-2) and Wharfdogs (0-2)
Out troubles continue. Even though we faced poorer teams compared to the previous week, Rory gets a little hot under the collar and the ref starts to noticably call everything against us. Left a bad taste in my mouth.
6-9-1 5
5/10 Postponed due to a book fair at the elementary school we play at! 6-9-1 5
5/17 2-2-0 Fonseca’s Illegitimate Children (1-1) and Barmy Army (1-1)
I don’t have any notes from this night but I remember being relieved to finally get out of our mid-week slump. This exact same thing happened to us in the previous season.
8-11-1 7
5/25 0-4-0 Beijing Special (0-2) and Serenity Now (0-2)
We had the same results as we did when we last played these two teams and got smeared. Even still, I had my best game to date, keeping us not only in the game against a taller, superior team but actually winning! Unfortunately, I got lazy on the very last play when I didn’t go for a rebound. One of the opponents picked up the loose ball and chucked a wild 3-pointer at the buzzer … that landed squarely in the basket, sinking all of our tremendous efforts!
8-15-1 8
6/2 3-1-0 Hoops I Did It Again (1-1) and Live Every Week Like Shark Week (0-2)
Hands down my best night in Zog thus far! I was a beast offensively and defensively, guarding the other team’s best player (an annoying dude who always wears a Kobe Bryant jersey AND baseball hat to each game). Unfortunately, I played so much since I was the hot hand that I got pretty winded by the end. Still, a great night even though we pretty much figured to be out of the playoffs.
11-16-1 7
6/7 3-1-0 Wharfdogs (2-0) and Half-Dozen Donuts (1-1)
Amazingly we weren’t out of playoff contention – we just had to win at least 3 games on this final night. Even more amazingly we did just that! I actually was unable to make this night as I had band rehearsal, but my teammates really came through with these much-needed wins. In fact, it sounds like we even had a chance at going 4-0 if Jonathan hit 2 late game open looks! Somehow, even with the terrible mid-season slump we sneak into the playoffs as the final seed.
14-16-1 5

In typical Zog fashion it was a quick turnaround for the playoffs. Our first round matchup was against the 4th seed, Half-Dozen Donuts, who we had just finished playing against 2 DAYS BEFORE! I felt pretty comfortable coming back into the squad from my week off and playing against a team we had gone 1-1 against, but we got our asses handed to us. We all played well, though it was just Rory, Kathy, Jonathan and I (the usual suspects). Ah well. This season was less of a headache than last with no CJ, and each game felt more “ours” as we had to earn everything instead of sitting around watching him make a play. It was a lot of fun (as Zog ball always is), but I decided to take the summer season off and dedicate that time to getting back into better shape and focusing on music.

But come fall, NBA will be back on and the basketball bug will be biting. Watch out!

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