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I was the first of my programmer group to receive a new laptop. These new computers will be replacing the laptops we all were given in 2007 as they’re beginning to break down. Hell, I needed to have an external fan on mine 24-7 so it wouldn’t shut off! As welcome as this replacement is, I was a little nervous going in as … the new laptop is a MacBook Pro. Oh, and I haven’t used an Apple machine since 1999!

Anyway, it’s been almost 2 weeks with the laptop and I’m pretty much used to it. Although I do have a virtual machine running Windows XP on the laptop, I mostly use mac software. However, to tell you the truth, even though this machine is super nice, fast, pretty, and displays gorgeous visuals … I still wish I had a PC! Sorry, Apple, even after giving you the ol’ college try I’m still a PC guy.

That said, I am a little excited about a few new Apple products in my future (and present)! First off, I upgraded my iPhanus to the new OS 4 and … ’tis hot! The big hype is all about multitasking but so far I’ve been digging the app folder and wallpaper functionality the most.

Finally, as a combination of the new laptop and iPhone, I’m starting to get psyched about dipping my toe into the app building pool. I have dreams of one day creating the ultimate iPhone necessity – the NBA-Sim app! If I make any progress in this field I’ll let you all know.

Ok, actually that wasn’t really “finally” as I’d like to mention: wow, what a fucking game! Go USA! I suddenly care about a game where people used to kick decapitated heads around!

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