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Wow, I’ve been away for a while now, haven’t I? Unlike hiatuses in the past, this one hasn’t been the result of apathy, writer’s block or boredom. Instead, I’ve been jonesing to do some work on this site and NBA Sim (!!!) but have succumbed to terrible timing! Pretty much every area of my life has increased in intensity … all at the same time!

I’ll spare you the boring details (for this post, anyway), but here’s the quick lineup: working in Brooklyn, putting in around 60 hours a week at work, funeral in Virginia, 5 guests staying in my apartment, and band ramping up practices getting ready for recording/gig. Something’s gotta give and I’m afraid it’s my hobbies (though I did manage to squeeze in an hour on Ninja Gaiden Sigma last Sunday).

I’m pretty exhausted and will finally have a couple days to myself this weekend. I hope to use some of that time to get all of my batshit projects (like [stanus.butt]) back up to snuff. So, look for the triumphant return of all this nonsense by Monday! Either way, you know I’ll keep all you bored people posted here!

    Site Updates:

  • Renamed Jungle Juice category title
  • Completely sanitized site from mentioning a certain person per their request

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