Birth Of A Hero: Part 1

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Remember how last time I promised you all some actually interesting blog posts? Well, here they be!

Rusted Hero, my band of gentleman musicians, was essentially born two weekends ago. First we tripped up to Albany to record our 7-song demo album and then Tuesday the 17th we had our very first live performance at Otto’s Shrunken Head. It was an intense, exhausting and ultimately fulfilling couple of days but it took me a week away from it all to finally process everything.

Now that all of that nonsense is done, however, I’m going to shit it all out for you in a couple of awesome* posts (* validity of this adjective to-be-determined). We live-Tweeted the whole weekend so I’ll throw those in to sort of drive this narrative, but I’ll make sure to populate all of this with my legendary witty commentary. Ahem. Let’s begin!

Thursday, August 12

Practice just ended. Adrien’s car is loaded up. Recording weekend has officially begun!
-10:54 PM Aug 12th @stanSyckes

We had our regularly-scheduled practice this night, running through the set a couple of times and working on some last minute preparations. Afterward, we loaded up Adrien’s car with John’s drumkit and John’s truck with our guitars and other equipment. Adrien and Matt took off in Adrien’s car to reach Albany early Friday morning. They would meet up with Amber, our saintly shelter provider for the weekend (saintly because she offered her 2 bedroom apartment to us just days before our arrival when our original plan fell through).

Unfortunately, Adrien and Matt got in so late that Amber was passed out. And she was in such a deep sleep she never heard her phone so the two Heroes had to pony up cash for a romantic hotel room! It was an auspicious beginning (for them!) to the weekend but more (or less) interesting things were to come!

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