Birth Of A Hero: Part 2

The North Sea Studios recording room

© 2010 Adrien G.

When last we left, two of our Heroes had arrived in Albany safe with musical equipment – but devoid of shelter! The other two would have to brave the working world for one more day. Would the band survive? Would the recording session even begin? Would Matt and Adrien ever leave their love nest that is the Albany Holiday Inn?

Here’s part two in this exciting series to answer some of these questions and raise just as many more!

Friday, August 13

Follow my band’s twitter account … I’ll be tweeting all the action from our recording session this weekend in Albany @rustedhero
– 1:03 AM Aug 13th @stanSyckes

Pretty early on I knew I wanted to live-tweet the entire weekend. Finally, I had something worthwhile to blab about on Twitter and I wasn’t going to let this opportunity escape me! Plus, this would give me something to do during the downtime as well as keep me inspired and motivated. Therefore, my laptop was a definite travel companion for this trip.

Another item that I tagged to come with us early on was a video camera. I wanted to capture a few, random candid moments throughout the recording and also wanted it in HD in case it ever went on YouTube. Luckily, John had one and brought it up.

Anyway, I’ll cut most of this boring day out as John and I worked a little and then made our separate ways up north. John drove up in his truck with fiancee, Honora, and our guitars while I took an Amtrak train. I have nothing interesting to report from my trip and it sounded like John’s was equally as uneventful. Meanwhile, Adrien was attending his father’s wedding while Matt slept all day (a common theme?).

Adrien picked me up from the nearby train station and we arrived at North Sea Studios at around 9pm. The building looked like a giant, run-down warehouse from outside but was pretty newly decorated upon entry. Walking in through the front door brought you directly into the hangout room – complete with two couches, a table and some lamps. We used this as our main headquarters while we weren’t recording. This room branched off into three exits – one to the mixing booth, one to the recording room, and one to a closed-off kitchen. There was also a small bathroom in the hall leading to the recording room. Everything had a half-finished, do-it-yourself charm as the studio was the weekend passion of Brett – our record engineer for the weekend and owner of North Sea Studios.

I got to talk to him while John – who had just arrived before me – was setting up his drum kit. Brett was a slightly older (than me) guy who dressed like an upper-middle class musician: basically looked like he just rolled out of bed and went to work, but managed to have really nice clothes on before he had fallen asleep. He was really easy-going and knowledgeable and didn’t seem to mind my complete lack of knowledge in the hardware department. After helping me try out a few amps and picking the one I liked we headed out.

Tonight we set up the gear and will be checking out the Albany nightlife. Tomorrow: demo recording begins!!!
– 12:12 AM Aug 14th @rustedhero

We drove to a local brewery where we met up with Amber, our innkeeper for the next couple of days, and pigged out. Afterward, we drove back to our room, passed around a bottle of whiskey and got ready to go out. Then, age struck! First, Adrien decided he was going to just grab some sleep as he had been running around all day and wanted to be fresh for the morning. Then, at the very last moment, I decided to bail too as I didn’t want to be hungover for the long day of recording ahead of us. So, I drove John, Matt and Honora to a nearby bar, headed home, and passed out.

The morning’s session was to start at 11am and, damn, that was approaching fast! I huddled under a tiny blanket on the pullout couch and tried my best to fall asleep.

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