Birth Of A Hero: Part 3

The mixing room at North Sea Studios

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Saturday, August 14

7:30am wake up call to “Elmo in Grouchland.” Our gracious host happens to have a 2-year old! Rock begins at 11 …
– 9:53 AM Aug 14th @rustedhero

I woke up with a hungover singer next to me on the pull out couch. The mattress was pretty thin so I was a little sore but the worst part is I had fallen asleep directly beside the air conditioning unit so I was frozen upon waking up. Still, I was actually rested and glad I hadn’t gone out to drink the night before. I was ready to rock!

Well … as ready as I could be at 7:30am! Amber, our host for the weekend, and her little daughter were up and watching a Sesame Street movie as three grumbling musicians (and weirdly morning-person, Adrien) slowly got up and shook the dust of sleep off. We split up into two cars – John and Honora would hit up Dunkin Donuts while Matt, Adrien and I drove to a Wal-Mart. I had forgotten to pack socks and desperately needed some. We also decided to stock up on some serious recording snacks while there.

Enjoying Adrien’s blistering set of beginner guitar songs as drum tech and engineer set up the recording room!
– 11:52 AM Aug 14th @rustedhero

Even with all of the shopping, we still beat Brett to the studios. We finally got inside at 11:30 and then just kind of hung around for a while as Brett, Ryan (assistant engineer), and the drum tech guy who’s name I forget set up the recording room. The band hudled around my computer watching funny YouTube clips, ate breakfast, and listened to Adrien playing my acoustic guitar. It was interesting that every song he played was a song that I had learned during my first year of guitar. Including “My Friends” – the first full song I learned!

Laying down the first tracks …
– 1:53 PM Aug 14th @rustedhero

The decision was made early on to record all seven of our songs with instruments live, so Adrien (bass), John (drums), and I (gut) set up shop in the recording room. Even though we had been playing for months, the songs felt alien to me as soon as Brett said “go” – I was a little intimidated and uncomfortable by the recording process. It was strange to focus so intensely on the songs – in practice, we’re trying to hear ourselves, rehearse the performance and have a good time. This was serious and we were making sure all of our parts were as perfect as we could get them.

We’d run a song until we felt we had a good take. “Beg” was the first song and took about 4 tries, followed by “Shine On You” which took about the same amount. By now, I was starting to settle into the process even though I was still a little uncomfortable. We decided to stay “heavy,” so “Haunt” and “It’s A Trap!” were next. They each took maybe 2 or 3 takes.

I’m sure Matt was pretty bored as he had to just chill in the hangout room for most of the morning, but there were times when we asked him to come into the studio and mime his parts. You notice a lot of things while recording that you take for granted when just practicing – for example, we take queues from each other at certain spots in songs and we were missing things without Matt being in the room.

Food break. We’ve got the live tracks to 4 songs in the can!
– 4:09 PM Aug 14th @rustedhero

With more than half of the songs in the can (instrumentally), we took a much needed feeding break. Ryan ran out and grabbed us all subs and we once again camped around the computer and talked music.

Live tracks for all 7 songs: DONE! Up next is punching in a few parts
– 6:34 PM Aug 14th @rustedhero

It’s inevitable. After a little while of being in the studio you hit “the zone” and start to just knock out tracks. It had taken us nearly four hours to go through the first four songs. When we returned to the recording room after lunch we breezed through the final three songs in two hours.

During the last few practices leading up to this weekend I had started to notice that my playing was very sloppy. I don’t mean that I was hitting wrong notes, but that I was starting to get a little wild physically. I was banging my hand around the guitar and had a few, small injuries. Realizing these injuries would only get worse with two straight days of playing, I concocted a plan to armor my fingers!

I found some tape in the studio and covered my thumb, pointer finger, middle finger, and edge of the palm on my right hand. It looked a little like the infamous Michael Jackson tape-job. After a while I realized I was over thinking things and took most of it off, but the damage was done. Little specks of the tape had come off and now coated my strings. This wasn’t a problem now but would come to haunt me on the second day of recording.

Ladies, the moment you’ve all been waiting for. Matthew Jones is in the vocal booth!
– 8:13 PM Aug 14th @rustedhero

I actually don’t remember doing any overdubbing this night even though the tweet says so. Instead, Matt finally got into the separate vocal booth and started to record. Unfortunately, as a result of drinking and not sleeping well the previous night, he wasn’t totally up to his usual standards and started to get frustrated. We called it an early night around 10pm and headed out to a nearby diner. Then, Honora, John and Matt went home while Adrien and I went to see The Expendables: a ridiculous ending to an awesome day.

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