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Man, I’ve really got to get these Rusted Hero updates out the door. These updates are nearing two months old already!

Sunday, August 15

Day 2: Overdubs, vocals, Dr. Pepper
– 10:49 AM Aug 15th @rustedhero

We started day 2 slightly earlier than day 1 as everything was already set up for us. On the agenda was to overdub the guitars to thicken out the sounds of all songs and to finish all of Matt’s vocals. It seemed relatively easy in theory, but I would soon find out how fast time flies when the spotlight’s on you.

My first mission was to set up a new amp for this day’s recording. For the previous day’s live, full band recordings I used an amp that had less distortion. This was due to the fact that I wouldn’t have time to switch out amps and sounds for each song and since each tune has slightly different requirements as far as heavy and light guitar sounds I just chose a middle-of-the-road approach. For overdubs, however, I’d be dialing in either super heavy distortions, crystal clean tones, or atmospheric effects.

The Dr. Pepper reference is about Adrien who consumed something like 5 or 6 Diet Dr. Peppers during the previous session and was whacked out of his mind by the end of the night. While Matt had been “laying down some tasty pipes,” Adrien was kicking, jumping and singing risque, alternate lyrics in the control room to hilarious effect!
– 11:24 AM Aug 15th @rustedhero

I set about recording guitars to all of the songs in the same order that we had recorded them the first day. For “Beg” and “Haunt Me Still” I went with the default distortion from the new amp I was using (can’t remember what it was … but it was some old beast from the 70’s). I also convinced the co-engineer to bring in his exhaustive guitar pedal collection and added a watery, phased tone for the dream-like bridge to “Haunt Me Still.”

Meanwhile, Adrien was being the social media maven that he naturally is out in the hangout room. He set up Rusted Hero on six or seven social media sites and was keeping up the live-tweeting. Here, he sends a link to a YouTube video he was enjoying.

Stan’s laying down some more guitar tracks. You know what time it is…
– 12:03 PM Aug 15th @rustedhero

“Shine On You” is the closer to our gigs as well as the demo CD, but it was actually recorded second (after “Beg”). I used the same distortion for “Shine On You” as I did for “Beg” (and would for “Haunt Me Still”) and luckily knocked out the solo in only two takes. I have been playing the song since 2003, though …

The “you know what time it is” reference is to a Flight of the Conchord’s skit entitled “Business Time” that Matt and Adrien turned me on to. Emphasis on the words “turned me on!!!!”

I posted 6 photos on Facebook in the album “Recording. Aug 13-15, 2010”
– 12:51 PM Aug 15th @rustedhero

“Lit Up, Let Down” is a song of ours that has a very different beginning – the chords, melody and lyrics are the same as the chorus but everything is slower and clean. So, I had to do a couple takes for this one to handle everything. I had constructed the solo to be a blistering run a la Jimmy Page mixed with the melody of Slash (high hopes, indeed) and I hadn’t really been practicing it in rehearsal (or anywhere else for that matter). So it took me several takes before I was happy to get through this one.

Outside, Adrien began posting pics up to our Facebook page.

Holy crap…Stan just laid down the solo for “It’s a Trap”. BLAZING!
– 1:34 PM Aug 15th @rustedhero

For “It’s A Trap!” I wanted the dirtiest guitar tone we could muster. Ryan, the assistant engineer, concocted this really distorted, clunky sound that also would clip when pushed to the extreme. I liked it! I was getting into the recording groove at this point – I was knocking take after take out on the first try and probably pulled off the ad-libbed solo to this tune in 2 takes.

Adrien actually lived in Albany for a long portion of his life and had a few friends visit this day. My plan for the session was to get all of my overdubs recorded as fast as possible to give as much time to the vocals that we could get. Unfortunately, this meant I didn’t really get to meet or interact with any of the visitors. At one point during my overdubs Adrien came in with two guys, they looked at me for a while (I was in mid-recording with headphones) and then left. I wonder who they turned out to be …

Just uploaded a video from the past couple days of recording! Check it out:
– 3:07 PM Aug 15th @rustedhero

Here was the official posting of our recording session behind-the-scenes video. While I was recording guitar overdubs all day, Adrien had put together this five-minute montage from all of the video we shot. It turned out great.

I was finishing up the final two songs, “Safe In My Skin” and “Sun Kissed Sky.” Both were our slower, quieter songs so I just picked a nice sounding clean tone and knocked both out quickly. “Sun Kissed Sky” would need an acoustic track, as well, but that would have to be recorded in the vocal booth. Since it was nearing 5pm, however, (and I had originally planned on finishing at 4) I decided to wait until Matt had completed all the vocals before adding it.

Guitar tracks done. Matt’s in the booth belting out the vocals. Every layer added makes this sound even more…
– 5:47 PM Aug 15th @rustedhero

Matt set up shop in the vocals booth and started down the line of our songs again. He wasn’t too happy with his recordings from the previous night so he did several of those takes over and then added harmonies and doubles. It was a painstaking process and one that I tried not to get involved in. Instead, I went outside and just explored the area, I goofed around on the computer, and I just played the guitar for fun. The last thing I had wanted while doing my guitar overdubs was for people to be sitting and watching me so I wanted to give the same respect to Matt.

At one point, Matt took a break so I jumped into the vocal booth and did my background vocals and acoustic guitar in two takes. Both were quick as I knew exactly what I had wanted to do for the acoustic part and I was still in the zone while my vocals weren’t going to get any better with further takes.

I posted 2 photos on Facebook in the album “Recording. Aug 13-15, 2010”
– 9:02 PM Aug 15th @rustedhero

Around 9pm we had finished recording and started to pack up. John and Honora had to head out so we all did a group photo with Brett and Ryan (above). I made a quick statement that I’d be showing off my guns like Adrien was in his sleeveless shirt and suddenly that became the theme to the entire photo shoot. It was a funny way to officially end the weekend of recording. Oh, and then Adrien revealed his ass to the camera in the “outtake.” Unfortunately, that picture shall be kept from the public!

It’s a wraaaaaaaaaaaaaaaap!
– 9:53 PM Aug 15th @rustedhero

I typed in the final tweet – words sung to the tune of “It’s A Trap!” Matt, Adrien and I packed up our stuff, grabbed the preliminary mix CDs that Brett had burned for us and headed out. We waited a good half hour before throwing one of the CDs in and listening to the fruits of our labor. Rusted Hero had been born!

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