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I did my usual southern trip to Virginia for Thanksgiving recently and hit all the major tour stops: my grandmother’s house in Harrisonburg, my brother’s house in Arlington, Mom’s house in Woodbridge, and both Cassie’s parent’s house and Dad’s house in Clifton. Yep, as usual, it was a whirlwind but I had a lot of fun.

Right after work Wednesday (the 24th) I grabbed a MegaBus for DC. Yes, I’ve commented in the past about my woes with this infernal franchise, but all of the Bolt buses (my preferred means of travelling between states) were booked and I wasn’t about to pay $200 for an overcrowded train ride. Luckily, we didn’t crash into any bridges and I made it to downtown DC in pretty decent time.

El Stevedore did his usual bang up job of picking me up and we crashed at his place. Then it was a crack-of-dawn drive to H-burg where we met up with all of the Mills. We played a lot of tv show trivia games (Seinfeld, Full House and Saved by the Bell) and I ate a ton of stuffing and then I drove mom’s car back to her place (where I fed Mila and then promptly fell asleep! What a cool Thursday night!!!!!).

Maybe it was for the best as Friday was designated TJHSST reunion night! I had gone to my tenth year reunion last year and this year was Cassie’s so a lot of the pressure was off me (I admit to a last-minute 3-mile run before heading out last year), but I still recognized many faces and found myself in awkward conversation. Unfortunately, the class of 2000 had a strange and contested history of getting this bash together and, with such little planning, had only managed to book the event for 3 hours. So, at the strike of … 11pm (!?!?!) the place closed and everyone was pushed out into the cold Clarendon streets.

Of course, the drunk Colonials demanded more reunions so Cassie and I shuttled between several bars (in freezing weather, may I remind you!!!) to continue drinking and socializing. It was a fun night out, but I definitely broke my no-cold status of 2010 (that’s right, I went almost 11 full months without a cold).

Saturday was reserved for the Man Cave – where Steve(r) and I tried out Dad’s new PS3 move. I have to admit I liked it a lot better than his old Wii, even if it does reek of “late to the party.” But, it’s just another display of how Sony makes video games and Nintendo is in the toy business. Anyway, after a couple hours of revelry we went to his local haunt, the Bonefish Grill with Cassie and Karen in tow. Then Steve, Cassie and I headed back out to Clarendon where we grabbed a whole bunch of friends (the Cretzes, the Joneses, Michelle and Richard Killiam 🙂 ) and had an awesome night. Yes, even though Richard spilled his beer into my chair!

My final day in Virginia was spent shopping with Mom and making the obligatory pilgrimage to the Olive Garden. Then, one final sleepless night with Ripley later, I headed back to New York. I was exhausted, but glad to be back in the Big Apple.

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